Three line Label Gun CG3



Chemdye® Terragene® 3-Line Labeler has 3 print lines with 12 alphanumeric characters each, which allows printing alphanumeric data on Chemdye ® labels, thus enabling easy and clear traceability of packages to be sterilized. On each label, the following information can be printed: sterilizer number, batch, sterilization date, initials of the person responsible, package content, expiration date or other information. These labels have a Type 1 chemical indicator that changes color in the presence of the sterilizing agent and allows distinguishing processed packages from unprocessed ones. The labels have an innovative dual-adhesive technology that allows removing them after using the sterile material and adhering them to the appropriate register, such as the Terragene® SRT01 Documentation chart for sterilization process registration. This contains
all information needed for traceability and release of a sterilization batch, providing an effective way to document the sterile material to be used.


  • 3-Line Labeler Chemdye® Terragene®.
  • Allows a quick and easy labeling of sterilization packages with Chemdye® CD13/ CD23/ CD33/ CD43/ CD53 labels.
  • These labels have a chemical ink that changes color in presence of the sterilizing agent.
  • The labels have an innovative dual-adhesive technology that allows labelling the package, submit it to the sterilization process and remove the label without breaking it or losing the adhesive in order to paste it into a sterilization record.
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