Ultrasonic Cleaning Indicator CDWU

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Indicator for ultrasonic cavitation performance test

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Chemdye® CDWU indicator was designed to monitor the cavitation process. It
allows testing the operation of ultrasonic washing machines with different
washing configurations by measuring the generated cavitation energy. CDWU
indicator consists of a clear vial, with a reactive blue-colored solution and glass
beads immersed in it. When the cavitation energy is adequate, vibration of the
glass pearls triggers a color change in the solution, from blue to yellow, through
a range of green color intermediates.


  • 2 ml clear glass vial: 31.0 mm high x 11.6 mm external diameter, 8.0 mm neck diameter. Wall thickness: 0.5 mm.
  • Brown/Red rubber septum: 8.0 x 1 mm.
  • Aluminum top cap: 5.45 mm high x 11.66 mm diameter.
  • Wallthickness: 0.34 mm.
  • Glass beads: 3.0 mm.
  • Blue clear reactive solution: 1.5 ml.
  • Allows detection of deficiencies in the cavitation performance of the
    ultrasonic washing machine.
  • Challenge level: high
  • Initial Color: blue
  • Result: yellow transparent solution
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