The Decontamination specialists

Sychem supplies a wide selection of consumable for the control and effectiveness of the decontamination processes as part of the new Infection Control Division as well as products for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of instruments and equipment used within the medical, laboratory, research and pharmaceutical sector.

Specially designed decontamination devices are also part of the solutions aimed to maintain laboratories and research environments protected against the risk of cross contamination and to offer productive solutions for the sanitisation, sterilisation and maintenance of animal rooms; serving the global pharma industry with washers and sterilization system, compliant to GMP documentation and dedicated to production materials and end-products; and effectively manage the cleansing and sterilization of laboratory glassware through highly versatile solutions. Sychem's solutions meet the customer’s specific needs offering efficiency and versatility as well as great design and innovation, showing its commitment in providing customers with the customisable and flexible solutions they need.

Infection Prevention

infection prevention 

Sychem supplies a wide range of products that provide information related to the quality of all the decontamination procedures. Terragene® infection control solutions contribute to human and animal infections’ control and to avoid contamination in industrial processes, through devices and biochemical reagents manufactured under the most demanding quality controls.

Sychem Technology

antimicrobial technology 

Sychem provides a range of world class sterilisation products, which are specifically designed to reduce the risk of infection and cross contamination by interrupting key Transmission Pathways. Stopping the movement of microbes from one area to another is highly effective way to reduce the risks associated with microbial contact.


Biodecontamination Generators

h2o2 vphp generators 

In environments sensitive to microbiological contamination, it is mandatory to keep the sterility conditions to guarantee the efficiency, quality and safety parameters required by law and business objectives. The presence of pathogens or other microorganisms can compromise the safety and quality of products and environments in many industries.                              

ATP Test


Sychem supplies the Healthcare, Food Industry, and Research facilities with the worldwide preferred choice of monitoring systems and tests. Hygiena Cleaning Verification System features cutting-edge designs, state-of-the-art technologies and simple-to-use devices for guaranteed performance and reliability in any environment.