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Hygiena range is easy-to-use and reliable for detecting the presence of ATP, specific enzymes, and bacteria. Testing devices are activated with a simple snap and squeeze action, then placed into a handheld system, give results in seconds. The test devices you use will determine which monitoring system is best for your needs.

Atp Test - 'Hygiena' The Easy Cleaning Verification System

The need to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices is universal. Contaminated surfaces and equipment can quickly lead to microbial contamination, and ultimately, the infection of patients or personnel. ATP Test is a cleaning verification measure that provides accurate and meaningful results to define, monitor and maintain cleaning standards in the facility. Sychem supplies the Healthcare, Food Industry, and Research facilities with the worldwide preferred choice of monitoring systems and tests. Hygiena Cleaning Verification System features cutting-edge designs, state-of-the-art technologies and simple-to-use devices for guaranteed performance and reliability in any environment.







How Clean Is your Facility?

Although it is universally recognised that the cleanliness of sensitive environments within the healthcare or research facility is critical to positive outcomes, only a small percentage of surfaces are cleaned to sectors standards. This lack not only breaches the compliance with the policy but also shows a deficiency in managerial control of cleaning performance. Most of the cleaning costs are usually associated with labor therefore, it is only expected that the cleaning process would reflect the highest standards. Implementing a monitoring system with the use of the ATP Cleaning Verification System will increase the cleaning performance and ensure high levels of safety in any research and healthcare facility.

ATP Cleaning Verification

ATP Cleaining Verification detecs adenosine triphosfate (ATP), the universal init of energy in all leaving cells. This verification system immidiately determines if surfaces are truly clean; it is affordable, objective and user-friendly method to verify the surface cleanliness, giving results in 15 seconds. ATP Cleaning Verification System track and trend cleaning performance to achieve even cleaner facilities all based on scientific data.


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While many methods exist for evaluating cleanliness, ATP Cleaning Verification is the only method that combines quantitative data collection with scientific measurementand and still deliver speedy results. .