ATP Monitoring Software to Track Environmental Hygiene

ATP Monitoring Software

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SureTrend is data analysis ATP Monitoring Software that allows you and all your stakeholders to monitor environmental hygiene whenever and wherever you want, and it's free with a Hygiena luminometer. Use SureTrend to:

  • Track test results
  • Quickly identify problem areas
  • Analyze sanitation effectiveness
  • Automatically generate reports
  • Maintain records for audit compliance
  • Facilitate continuous improvement

Track, trend, and analyse is easy with Suretrend

SureTrend is an easy-to-use software application that allows management to track cleaning verification results, quickly identify problem areas, compare multiple facilities or areas, and generate reports for management and record keeping. ATP Monitoring Software SureTrendm is easy-to-use interface and pre-set reports allow managers to start analyzing data immediately. By using the charts and graphs generated by SureTrend, it is possible to visualise the cleaning performance. The reports use visual aids to clearly illustrate a problem, motivate team members to work towards a common goal, and facilitate troubleshooting discussions more effectively.


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See everything you need on the dashboard

The SureTrend dashboard appears at launch and can be configured to prioritise your metrics so you can monitor results in the areas that need attention in seconds. The dashboard displays the results by location or plan. Trend graphs help you confirm corrective actions were taken, anticipate fail results, and react to contamination sooner.

You can choose any one of the pre-programmed template reports already present in SureTrend, and you can customise the program to meet your needs and save it to your favorites. You can download the reports in PDF or in Excel® for further data analysis.



How does it work?

ATP Monitoring Software_training_iconsSureTrend helps you to understand cleaning trends, contamination spikes, and corrective actions. You will be in control of your program and easily be able to identify issues and reduce repeat cleaning sessions and downtime. The software allows you to monitor equipment, track changes to cleaning procedures and to generate record keeping to facilitate continuous improvement.

SureTrend can be installed on a network server and link devices, departments for convenient communication and collaboration. The global location directory allows creating a global list of all locations and test plans that should be tested in a facility, making them accessible to all plants.



What are the benefits?

  • Free with SystemSURE Plus or EnSURE monitoring systems
  • No licensing fees
  • Free upgrades
  • Includes unlimited Hygiena technical support
  • Intuitive user interface and operation
  • Quick querying and trending of results
  • Identifies problems areas for immediate corrective actions
  • Fraud-proof - test results cannot be changed or deleted