Disinfection Detergents – Multipurpose Cleaning Products


Multipurpose Cleaning Products

Sychem supplies a wide range of Disinfection Detergents, heavy-duty sanitisers that are economical and versatile. Our cleaning and sanitiser detergents vary from multi-surface use to specific washing and rinsing detergents. Our range is suitable for use on all hard surfaces, safe to use on many materials and applications. The detergents are ideal for the removal of stubborn and greasy soils from floors, walls; for the cleaning and disinfection of workstations and equipment, as well as washing of laboratory, research or medical instruments. Sychem Disinfection Detergents are highly effective, fully biodegradable, Solvent & Phosphate free. Safe to use, they provide excellent germicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal activity.
For the Biomedical & Laboratory, Sychem supplies detergents ideal for use on floors, surfaces, change stations and cages within facilities that require a high level of biosecurity. For the Medical & Veterinary, our range can be ideal for use on floors, surfaces, and equipment that require a high level of disinfection and are suitable for spray treatments, soak tanks, foot baths and equipment processing, also suitable for fogging.