Healthcare Equipment

Healthcare Equipment

Healthcare Equipment: Medical Washer Disinfectors and Sterilisers

Sychem offers a range of Healthcare Equipment and products for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation. Our wide range of equipment for the cleaning and disinfection provides improved hygiene standards for the class-leading facility. This range offers unrivaled speed of results and peace of mind for effective infection control measures. We aim to provide outstanding solutions focused on quality, safety, productivity and environmental compatibility. Whether you are looking for a washer disinfectors & sterilisers for small practices, dentists, and surgeries or a high productivity device, full system planning service to support CSSD departments, Sychem can support you with customised solutions for an optimal layout configuration in both new facilities or refurbishment projects. Our products include a range of autoclaves big and small and low temperature plasma sterilisers for the CSSD (Central Sterilization Service Department), emergency rooms, operating rooms and outpatient clinics.

Steam Steriliser Autoclaves 2Autoclaves

Sychem provides a full range of high capacity autoclaves to get the perfect solution for any central sterilization supply department or theater sterile supply unit. The most outstanding features of these sterilizers are: versatility, easy handling, high performance and reliability. From the processing of a single STU up to 18 STU per cycle, each model of our full range of steam sterilizers combines high productivity with cost efficiency. An effective solution to improve the economy of the CSSD.




Medical Washer Disinfectors 2Washer Disinfectors

Sychem can provide washer disinfectors for small practices, up to high productivity devices and full system planning service to support CSSD team Managers in customising lay-out configurations for new or restructured projects. Main resources have been dedicated to the development of reprocessing solutions for the most advanced surgery robotic instruments, for flexible endoscopes and, unique in the market, validated pass-through TEE probes reprocessing.



Infection Control Consumables

Sychem offers a wide range of products for the effective and accurate control of the cleaning, hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation processes for all the healthcare facilities. Available in a variety of formats, these high-performance solutions provide fast, consistent results in infection control.