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Uncontrolled microbial growth and dispersal can cause significant problems to individuals, organisations and industries. The Sychem mission is to achieve full infection control by creating a Sychem ENVIRONMENT™. These are the safest possible environments, where the microbial risk to individuals, organisations and industries is reduced to its lowest practical levels. Depending upon your specific needs, the various antimicrobial technology platforms and Sychem products can be tailored to help create your very own safe environment, thereby reducing the microbial risks faced by you, your business or your industry. Sychem will work with you to identify the risks microbes pose to your business or industry and provide you with the range of chemicals that is appropriate to the microbial risk you face. Applications areas currently benefitting from a Sychem ENVIRONMENT™ include healthcare, research, and laboratory facilities.

What is the Sychem Environment?


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Showcasing Sychem's Infection Control partner, Bioreset is a bio-decontamination system that uses vapour-phase (vapourised) hydrogen peroxide as a cold sterilising agent. Bioreset is mainly used to remove the airborne and surface microbiological contamination in controlled or classified environments for pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnological, animal care and in any other environment sensitive to microbiological contamination. By using Hydrogen Peroxide as a low temperature sterilising agent, Bioreset works with efficiency and speed. The environment doesn't require pre-conditioning prior to use. Bioreset requires little maintenance. Due to the speed of cycles, there is less need for costly consumables, providing many cost savings and resulting in being the most convenient solution on the market. Bioreset offers a choice of vaporised hydrogen peroxide generators, SMART and PLUS, to meet any requirement of size and pace for your facility.

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