6Log Solution – Vapour Hydrogen Peroxide with Bioreset

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Sychem is proud to be the UK distributors for Bioreset.  Bioreset is a effective 6Log Solution Decontamination system that uses Vapour-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) as a low temperature sterilising agent. Bioreset works with efficiency and speed. The environment doesn't require pre-conditioning prior to use. Bioreset requires little maintenance. Due to the speed of cycles, there is less need for costly consumables, providing many cost savings and making it one of the most convenient solution on the market.

Sychem 6Log

H2O2V-Phase = 6 Log reduction

In environments sensitive to microbiological contamination, it is mandatory to keep the sterility conditions to guarantee the efficiency, quality and safety parameters required by law and business objectives. The presence of pathogens or other microorganisms can compromise the safety and quality of products and environments in many industries. There are unlimited applications requiring surface sterilization.

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Sychem 6Log Pharma


Ensuring development and production of injectable drugs and active ingredients (API) in aseptic conditions, eliminating cross-contamination possibility and conducting sterility tests in aseptic environments.

Sychem Laboratory


Biological safety is crucial to all research processes to avoid any contamination risk.



Sychem Healthcare


To keep patients safe, it is pivotal to prevent, reduce and contain infection risks in immunocompromised areas - such as operating theatres, critical care units, intensive care areas, as well as in hospital pharmacy and compounding.

Sychem 6Log Biomedical

 biomedical technology

Strict aseptic processing, environmental control and monitoring are key elements to the development and the success of new vaccines, products and applications in biotechnology.                                 

6Log Reduction


Proved efficacy: tested to kill a wide range of microorganisms and viruses, H2O2 in vapor-phase allows a uniform distribution to reach also the most difficult areas of  the environment. It is capable of a 6 Log reduction on all exposed surfaces.

  • Excellent compatibility: hydrogen peroxide has chemical-physical characteristics that are compatible with many materials such as metals, plastics, elastomers and all electronic devices. Unbeatable speed: the low working temperature and the efficacy of the vaporphase H2O2 allow a cycle time that is attractive to a wide range of applications and offer a rapid recovery of the production activity.
  • Safe to use: at the end of each biodecontamination cycle, H2O2 is removed in the most effective way according to the application. Decomposing into water and oxygen, it is not dangerous for the operator and it is safe for the environment.
  • No residue: in vapor-phase it leaves no residue on the surfaces and no post cycle cleaning is necessary.



Using vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 V-Phase) as a cold sterilizing agent allows to achieve high levels of sterilization quickly, safely and effectively. The biodecontamination processes, repeatable and reproducible over time, are officially validated through the use of:

  • Chemical Indicators (CI) to verify the correct vapor distribution
  • Biological Indicators (BI) loaded with spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus to demonstrate the actual sterilization.