Ultra Technology -Effective disinfection

Sychem Ultra Range

What is ULTRA Technology™?

ULTRA is a world class ultra-high level sporicidal disinfectant technology platform offering rapid, safe and effective disinfection across a range of industries. From healthcare to educational establishments, food processing to veterinary science, agriculture to water treatment, Sychem ULTRA is a proven technology safe to use in all associated food, animal and human environments.

The ULTRA Technology™ platform is based on a peracid with an adjuvant effect to enhance its antimicrobial efficacy.

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

The Sychem ULTRA range

As a very high level disinfectant ULTRA Technology™ is specifically designed to minimise the risk of infection, cross infection, cross contamination, spoilage etc. which occurs as a result of contact with surfaces or air. Sychem ULTRA is available in two formats (see Figure 1):

  • l4 litre container of concentrate – the dilution rate will vary depending upon its application and 4 litres of concentrate will make either 100 or 200 litres of ready for use fluid. Ready for use Sychem ULTRA is suitable for use with all cleaning systems including cloths, mops, microfibre etc. and it is ideal for complete disinfection of large areas and pieces of equipment.
  • lVorTEC™ Plus fluid - based on the ULTRA Technology™ platform, VorTEC™ Plus fluid undergoes specific manufacturing processes which optimise its performance when aerosolised through the mains powered VorTEC™ misting system. VorTEC™ can disinfect rooms with capacities ranging from 100m3 to 600m3.

Sychem ULTRA products are fully compliant with all current legislation including the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Directive.

How effective is ULTRA Technology™ against microbes?

Extensive testing at independent, accredited laboratories has demonstrated the world class performance of ULTRA Technology™ as an ultra-high level disinfectant of the very highest quality.

See Table 1 for details of the antimicrobial efficacy testing that ULTRA Technology™ products have passed.

Antimicrobial efficacy of ULTRA TechnologyTM

Ultra Antimicrobia Efficacy
Ultra Bacterial Cell
Sychem Ultra Cell Structure

How does ULTRA Technology™ kill micro-organisms?

ULTRA Technology™ kills micro-organisms by simultaneously attacking multiple microbial structures and components which are all essential to life (see Figure 2). The result is a rapid microbial kill of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores within seconds / minutes of coming into contact with them.

Why, where, when and how should I use Sychem ULTRA?

Why... Environmental hygiene is crucial in many industries such as food manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, healthcare and animal husbandry. Within healthcare and biomedical sectors, environmental surfaces are clearly linked to the transmission of micro-organisms 10, 11 and enhanced cleanliness of the clinical environment reduces the incidence of infection 10, 12, 13 whilst also reducing the number of microbes carried on people’s hands. 13 Sychem ULTRA products can disinfect environmental surfaces to the highest level, thereby interrupting a key transmission pathway by minimising the bioburden (i.e. number of microbes present) on environmental surfaces. This minimises the risk of infection, cross infection, contamination, spoilage etc. that may occur as a result of surface contact.

Where... Sychem ULTRA products are designed for use in situations where there is a clear need to disinfect environments / surfaces to the very highest level. This may include the following:

  • Safeguarding food production (to ensure produce poses no risk to public health)
  • Terminal cleans / deep cleans of hospital rooms and wards where patients with known infections have been nursed and prior to the room being re-occupied by the next patient
  • In response to outbreaks of infection, for example a norovirus outbreak on a cruise liner, or a Clostridium difficile infection in a hospital

The aim of disinfection is to reduce the bioburden (i.e. number of microbes present) to its lowest achievable level in order to interrupt key microbial transmission pathways (such as surfaces and/or air) and reduce the risk of infection, cross infection, contamination, spoilage etc.

When... The more frequently Sychem ULTRA is used, the lower the bioburden will be on your surfaces. Depending upon your needs it may be better to use Sychem ULTRA: daily as part of your standard cleaning and disinfection protocol; weekly to help maintain low bioburden levels; as part of a planned deep clean cycle within your facility; or only in response to serious outbreaks of infection.

How... Sychem ULTRA is a disinfectant and not a cleaner, therefore to get the best results Sychem ULTRA should be used as the disinfection stage (i.e. the second stage) of a two stage cleaning and disinfection protocol. Sychem ULTRA Concentrate is very simple to dilute, store and use. It will fit easily into an existing two stage cleaning and disinfection protocol with minimal training required.

The VorTEC™ misting system requires some specific product training to ensure the product is used correctly and that it delivers the necessary outcome for you.  Our qualified staff can deliver on site training and tailor it to your specific needs.