Life Science Equipment – Washing, Sterilisers, Waste Handling

Life Sciences Products

Sychem provides customised Life Science Equipment and solutions to fulfill all your needs. Our experience enables us to understand the workflow within the smallest facilities to the largest research centre; we are committed to offering the safest and most cost-effective solution for your staff to work in, providing them with the cleanest conditions possible for animals in their care. 

Life Science equipment  

Our extensive product range offers innovative Washing Equipment with customising loading racks to customer needs, diversified Sterilisation Range, and Automation Systems to maximise productivity and safety. All our solutions are flexible and meet the most challenging processing needs. Sychem equipment aims to epitomise the essence of ergonomic design, safety, productivity, automation, and energy saving capabilities. All the equipment supplied from Sychem can count on years of experience and knowledge of manufacturing standards.

Steam Steriliser Autoclaves

 steam steriliser autoclaves

Rack Washers

rack washers 

Laboratory Glass Washers

aquatic tank washers 

Cabinet Washers

cabinet washers 

Bottle Process Washers

bottle washers

Barrier Containment Systems

barrier containment systems 

Material Handling Systems

material handling systems 



 Life Science products

Control of the sterilisation process

 sterilisation control

Wash Efficacy_Life science

 wash efficacy

Cleaning and disinfection

 cleaning & disinfection

Bioreset Smart

h2o2 vphp generators 

Biodecontamination Generators


Cleaning & Disinfection


Service & Support

 service & support




Are you an Animal Technologist? We need you! We are looking for animal technologists responsible for the day-to day needs of animals and animal welfare in the laboratory.  If you work in a University research facility, teaching Hospital, Veterinary College or Pharma company, you can be part of one of our case studies to find out how to improve the effectiveness of your decontamination processes....continue reading


'The Service Coordination Team took over the management of our contract early in the year and very expertly organised the correct support, help and spares. It was a difficult job but Team Sychem successfully accomplished it. Now everything is working perfectly!'

Kings College London