Self-contained Biological Indicator for the Sterilisation Process

Hygiene Monitoring and Biological Indicators

The Biological Indicators provide quantifiable results for plasma sterilisers, steam sterilisers and other decontamination technologies. Results are provided rapidly within 30 minutes, with fully compliant record keeping according to HTM0101-2016.

 Self-contained Biological Indicator

Bionova® biological indicators and Incubator offer a revolutionary approach for the control of the sterilisation process in the Healthcare sector. They provide a clear result of the biological status of the self-contained indicator with full quantitative results. Moreover, the system provides full traceability compliant with HTM01-01 2016 via its software and communicates directly with a PC for full data storage (optional wifi connection is also available). The Indicator systems utilise fluorescence technology to enable accurate results to be obtained.

 Control and Traceability of the steam and plasma sterilisation processes

BT224 Steam Ultra Rapid
BT222 Steam Super Rapid

Steam sterilisation

Sterilisation is the total destruction of all microorganisms, whether or not pathogenic, and their spores. Moist heat in the form of saturated steam under pressure is the oldest and most widely used method of sterilization. It is the most common method of sterilization in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, because it has a very predictable and reproducible effect on the destruction of bacteria. The parameters of sterilization are time and temperature that can be easily controlled and monitored once the cycle has been validated. Steam sterilization is applicable to sterilize heat and moisture resistant items. A wide range of factors can reduce the effectiveness of the sterilization process, so regular monitoring of sterilization cycles is necessary to detect inadequate process conditions caused by human error or equipment malfunction. Chemical indicators are one of the most commonly used sterilization monitors as well as a marker of sterilization exposure.


Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide steriliSation

Sterilisation by Plasma or Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide is a low temperature process based on the biocidal activity of the Hydrogen Peroxide in plasma phase. Being a process below 60 °C and low humidity, is an alternative to Ethylene Oxide sterilization to treat thermolabile materials in short periods. It is widely used in the sterilization of medical products that have a high temperature sensitive structure or packaging, electrical motors, batteries, endoscopes and surgical instruments in general.


  • Reduced release times, which leads to a reduction of stocks of high cost materials to be reused.
  • Leaves no toxic waste.