Planned Preventative Maintenance for Decontamination Equipment

What does a Planned Preventative Maintenance package from Sychem offer?

At Sychem, we understand that every client has different needs and requirements. Some departments are busier than others, requiring our decontamination services on a more regular basis. Our ability to prepare and implement customised planned preventative maintenance for decontamination equipment has proven to be very popular as it enables action to be taken before a component failure occurs. All site visits are arranged to coordinate with clients’ schedules to minimise any downtime within the department.

We create individual records for each asset and update every single activity conducted to provide a comprehensive log of the performance of each machine and any associated breakdowns and spare parts required.

When inadequate procedures are carried, excessive 24/7 usage or when the equipment does not have a thorough maintenance service, the likelihood of failure increases, resulting in thousands of pounds in repair and spare parts costs.

At Sychem, we provide planned preventative maintenance packages that are flexible and customisable to the customer’s needs. Sychem PPM solutions give customers the confidence that their equipment is always in shape, with increased uptime and a disruption-free process.

We value our customers’ time, so we make sure that from the initial consultation, we fully understand the in-place processes, providing customers with the right package for their needs. The PPM packages are inclusive of a full schedule of required training, maintenance programs, and follow-ups.

PPM service at Sychem

What are the advantages of Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Reduced Downtime

With regular health checks for your decontamination equipment, we reduce the risk for potential downtime.

Equipment Life Cycle

Increasing the life of your decontamination, washing and sterilisation equipment.

Reduced Maintenance

We reduce your maintenance and breakdown costs significantly with our scheduled service visits.

Increase Equipment Efficiency

Sychem servicing ensures your equipment is performing to the peak of its capabilities.

Maintenance Kits

We provide you with the option for critical spare kits to keep on-site in case of emergencies.

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