Independent Product Release SychemEye IPR

What is SychemEye Independent Product Release?

Sychem's Independent Product Release, SychemEye IPR, is the cutting edge technology that provides customers with fully compliant solutions that improve, enhance and simplify hospital infection monitoring applications. SychemEye Independent Product Release (IPR) is a single monitoring package that displays and collates data from multiple manufacturers, removing the need for multiple packages. This package ensures safe release of critical products across a wide spectrum of applications within sterile services, endoscopy, laundry and pharmacy. IPR reduces the need for training and improves productivity.



Cloud based software with installation enabled on a local PC or site servers for maximum security


Support from a team of dedicated engineers to provide solutions to improve patient and user safety

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System maintenance delivered by
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 Data Archiving


SychemEye IPR is a premium system. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform, users enjoy security, peace of mind, data integrity, limitless storage and scalable resources. The Azure platform allows to utilise the finest and fastest systems available and enables upgrades and expansion at a moment’s notice. With 24/7 monitoring, downtime is reduced to a minimum and the system has a 99% + or better performance qualification. Security is continually monitored by Microsoft, ensuring the highest possible levels of assurance. Multiple automatic backups and load shared services, allows for switching of the system services should an issue arise.

Reports & Alerts


With an array of preconfigured reports, data is presented in a simple and informative format. The reporting functions within IPR covers most applications from EWD Washers and Porous Load Sterilisers to Laundry Washer reports. As well as standard high, low and deviation alarms, SychemEye IPR allows for the configuration of comprehensive application alerts. Email alerts can also be enabled, ensuring the system is 100% protected.

Machine Data


Where a machine has the ability to produce a printed ticket, SychemEye IPR can import this data and display the results in an A4 printable PDF report. The content of this ticket data can be read and alarmed on, allowing the IPR to generate a pass or fail result for independent product release. Missing lines or incorrect values can also be monitored and alarmed on. In certain cases, a combination of machine ticket and SychemEye IMS data can be combined to ensure the maximum integrity of cycles.

Product Release with Tracking & Trace

In batch processing requiring confirmation of the cycle details, SychemEye IPR incorporates simple product release where pass or fail criteria is pre-set and the user can accept or return each load. An audit trail is logged against the operator. Linking this with a Tracking & Trace system can fully automate this procedure. In fact, SychemEye IPR is designed to work with most tracking and trace systems available today. IPR has enhanced and developed interfaces that provide additional features and removes the need to check both IMS and tracking software. Direct links make product release a simple operation.

..Some More Features

SychemEye IPR software has plenty of tools and functions such as history function, management tools and full constant monitoring overview, maintenance and calibration and online help. Download the brochure for more insight of the new SychemEye IPR