Sychem Training Centre

Sychem Training centre

'The ground knowledge you need to maximise operational efficiency and compliance with safety standards'

At Sychem we provide a comprehensive service to all our customers and we are committed to offering not only first class decontamination equipment but also full training to staff. Working with a wide range of sectors, including hospital, laboratories, biomedical facilities, veterinary practices and pharmaceutical facilities, we know that quality assurance requires your staff to keep pace with new norms and global standards.

Sychem offers structured training packages (either on site or at our Training Centre in Hampshire) aimed to enable safe, accurate and reliable operation for all decontamination equipment and systems. Our training packages offer tailor made courses to suit all your needs, ranging from operator and user to maintenance staff.

 What do We offer at Sychem Training academy?

The courses are made up of classroom and practical experience, using your machines and test equipment to ensure the candidates are able to put their learning into practice. Each course member is given a copy of the operating and maintenance manual, contents, layout and information for each section. Using the 1-2-1 approach, each task on the manual is demonstrated on the decontamination equipment (Autoclaves/Washer Disinfectors/Endoscopes Reprocessor/Drying Cabinets), giving a full demonstration of how cycles operate and how each component contributes to a good operation of the machine. In the advanced Maintenance/Engineering Course, the dismantling, repair, maintenance of autoclaves/washer disinfectors and all the components are also demonstrated and explained. By cross-reference with the manual, all common faults will be introduced followed by a ‘hands on’ demonstration of the controller functions ( i.e. calibration of temperature and pressure sensors, manual overrides and viewing of program parameters).

 operator/staff level

Includes an introduction to the equipment from the user's are, loading, starting a cycle, unloading and routine tasks (i.e. cleaning seals, replacing printer rolls etc.)

team leader/supervisor level

Comprises operator instructions and an introduction to the supervisor's function, including setting up new users, deleting redundant users, acknowledge and reset of faults

maintenance/engineer level

Comprehensive introduction to operator and supervisor levels, equipment introduction, including the identification of major components and troubleshooting. It includes also periodic testing and faults founding