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Providing unrivalled accuracy in cage filling, regardless of cage size and bedding type, SychemFILL offers a simple and effective filling process that saves time and allows for a higher throughput of cages.

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Why choose SychemFILL for your life sciences research facility?

SychemFILL is a bedding dispenser, and is the ideal solution for the modernisation of the cage fill process.

Featuring unparalleled accuracy, Sychem’s Active Airflow Technology, a variety of easily adjustable programmes & the ability to fill a variety of rodent cage sizes, makes SychemFILL is one of the most accurate and efficient bedding dispensers on the market. Offering unparalleled dispensing accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 4%, SychemFILL facilitates reduced variability in studies, eliminates wastage and saves on costs. This system is compatible with all free-flowing rodent bedding, with sizes ranging from 0.9mm-10mm, as well as all commonly used wood and paper-based bedding (including corn cob).

SychemFILL utilises a dual mechanical vacuum system that removes fine particles from bedding before being dispensed, while Sychem’s Active Airflow Technology protects the users from exposure to dust and particulate. A reduced fine particle count in the dispensed bedding assists in prolonging the life of individually ventilated cage (IVC) lid filters, air handling unit filters and room filtration.


What are the key features of SychemFILL?

Active Airflow Technology

Using a dual mechanical & vacuum system, SychemFILL actively removes fine particles from bedding before being dispensed, allowing for an improved cage environment for the animals while also protecting users from residual fine particles.

Class-leading accuracy

Ultrasonic dispensers provide two independent dispensing points with automatic automation and excellent dispensing accuracy (+/-4%)—ideal for filling cages quickly & efficiently, by dispensing precise volumes of bedding every time.

Intuitive user interface

The 7” colour touch screen displays live graphics of the top hopper level and alert users when bedding is required. Users can easily program in their own cage names, and adjust dispense volumes accordingly.

bedding dispensers render

Easy, ergonomic loading

The dual mechanical and vacuum system allows for easy and comfortable reloading of bedding by transferring bedding from the lower hopper to the top hoppers. This allows for reuse of any bedding that missed a cage, and prevents injury caused by lifting bags to a height.

Highly energy efficient

SychemFILL is highly energy-efficient, requiring only a standard 13amp socket. Sleep mode shuts the system down automatically after a set period of non-use, cutting electricity costs. Touch the display to wake the machine instantly.

True ‘Plug and Play’

The SychemFILL unit is small enough to fit through doors, easy to move and simple to set into place. Just plug the machine into a standard 13amp socket, add your desired bedding, and begin - it is really that easy.

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Sychem AIRFLOW Range Dimensions

Sychem Full Airflow dimensions

Sychem AIRFLOW Range Brochure

Sychem Full AIRFLOW Range Brochure


What do our customers think of us?

5 stars

"Sychem seems to pride themselves on their client & customer relationships and are always amenable to adapting servicing, pricing, ways of working etc. Quotations and service reports are always clear and concise."

- Sychem Client

"The attention to detail from your team has certainly made this whole process less stressful. I want to thank all the team at Sychem, and I look forward to having our new equipment successfully installed. "

- Sychem Client

"Sychem delivered several personalised training sessions, which were of an exceptional standard, further supported by excellent documentation."

- Sychem Client
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