SychemEye IPR Independent Product Release

SychemEye IPR - Independent Product Release

Sychem's Independent Product Release, SychemEye IPR, is a cutting edge technology that provides customers with fully compliant solutions that improve, enhance and simplify hospital infection monitoring applications. SychemEye Independent Product Release (IPR) is a single monitoring package that displays and collates data from multiple manufacturers, removing the need for multiple packages. This package ensures safe release of critical products across a wide spectrum of applications within sterile services, endoscopy, laundry and pharmacy.

The software ensures full compliance to the HTM, the CFPP guidelines and the Pharmaceutical 21CFR11. The integrated Management Dashboard enables the creation of production reports to show machine performance criteria. Data can be configured according to departmental opening times and machine uptime. The data can compare machine cycle times, detergent usage and operator actions and machine usage and
reliability figures can also be generated, making the SychemEye IPR indispensable, easy to use software that reduces the need for training and improves productivity.


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