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By Jessica Ross - 9th March, 2021 | Posted in Other
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Would you be able to identify the difference between sterilisation and disinfection? Although similar, there are clear differences when working with infection control.

What follows are the definitions of each:

Cleaning & Disinfection: A process that removes dirt, dust, large numbers of microorganisms and organic matter, killing most, but not all viable organisms.

Sterilisation: This is a process of removing or killing all viable organisms including spores. Dead microorganisms and toxins (pyrogens) may remain. Decontamination: A process that destroys or removes all microbial contamination to render an item or the environment completely safe.

Here at Sychem, we sell a wide range of sterilisation, disinfection and decontamination products that are all designed to help prevent the transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses. Ideal for use in food preparation areas, care homes, hospitals, laboratories, and even your own home — where high standards of cleanliness are essential. Find out more below!

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