UVC Light Disinfection in Hospitals

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UVC  light disinfection in hospitals is one of the most effective and reliable ways of killing viruses and bacteria, providing a 99.99% kill rate. Moreover, UVC light disinfection is a proven method of preventing the transmission of hospital acquired infections within hospital and healthcare environments.

Hospital Acquired Infections

Hospital-acquired infections, commonly known as HAI’s are often referred to in a medical setting as nosocomial. More often then not, nosocomial infections derive from bacteria and these types of infections can often be found in hospitals or healthcare environments. Without UVC light disinfection, the likelihood of acquiring an infection in a hospital or healthcare facility is significantly increased because hospitals provide favourable conditions for bacterial infections to spread.

Sychem supporting UK hospitals and healthcare facilities

At Sychem, we are combating the threat posed by superbugs inside healthcare environments by providing multiple decontamination solutions, UVC light technology and our Sychem Control dual-disinfectant cleaner

Sychem Control is our single-step surface cleaner and disinfectant for use on all surfaces. Whilst our reliable technology is effective against killing bacteria and viruses, it is open to human error; to eliminate this risk, Sychem have partnered with UVD Robots to provide UVC light disinfection in hospitals through the use of a fully autonomous robot. 

This new generation of UVC light technology is programmed with a map of your facility which allows it to move around autonomously to disinfect all areas, overcoming issues of shadowing that are associated with UVC light disinfection. This is especially important for hospitals which are prone to bacteria and viruses, as there is a great deal of equipment that can cause shadowing. The UVD Robot ensures full coverage disinfection and decontamination with a proven 99.99% kill rate against all bacteria. We also provide chemical indicators that can be used to prove UVC light disinfection has been effective, open our live chat to find out more about our range of indicators from our partner Terragene. 

uvc light disinfection
UVC Light Disinfection in a healthcare setting

Benefits of UVC light disinfection:

• UVC light rapidly causes irreparable damage to the DNA by the formation of pyrimidine dimers (thymine base pairs next to each other in genetic sequences, bond together) which disrupts the stand killing the cell
• UVC light light used in microbiology cabinets for many years where aseptic techniques are required to reduce contamination.
• Used to decontaminate water supplies
• Used to decontaminate the environment

Sychem are proud to be offering various support to hospitals and other healthcare facilities through UVC light disinfection and our Sychem Control consumables. 

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