Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide – Absolute 6Log 

Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide: Absolute 6Log for the animal care labs 

The control of microbiological contamination is crucial to ensure that production and research meet the requested parameters of quality and safety. Surface contamination has been identified as the main cause of the transmission of certain viruses and other microorganisms. Surface disinfection can be an effective measure to interrupt the spread of these agents. However, it does not always ensure the killing of all microorganisms located in hard to reach areas. To maintain the required conditions in controlled or classified environments, such as BioSafety facilities Level-Lab 3 & 4 involving animal research, the use of Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) can guarantee absolute 6Log reduction on all exposed surfaces.

The benefits linked to the use of Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide in decontamination processes include excellent compatibility with many materials. Such materials as metals, plastic, elastomers and all electronic devices, make the use of Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide suitable for a wide range of applications. Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide also offers rapid recovery of the production activity thanks to the low working temperature and proved efficiency of the H2O2 on all known microbiological life forms, providing unbeatable speed and maximum spectrum. Its versatility allows the decontamination process to be conducted in occupied and fully operational buildings.

The decontamination of complex spaces and high volume lab areas can now be achieved thanks to Bioreset Combo. The Bioreset Combo is an integrated biodecontamination
solution that allows to operate decontamination cycles through the installation of canalised piping distribution systems equipped with multiple injection points to achieve a homogeneous distribution of the decontaminating agent. This system benefits from customisable setup solutions that allow decontamination operations in one or more desired areas simultaneously, providing maximum control through remote panels, sensors, and process data probes with system management software. This innovative integrated decontamination system could be the perfect solution to minimise interruption to other labs and facilities within the building while maintaining the safety of staff and animals as a priority.

Benefits of Bioreset Combo 

  • Highest level of customisation to meet the specific needs of any facility
  • Direct injection into multiple environments at the same time or only specific areas at one time
  • Automatic bio-decontamination process
  • Improved distribution of the decontaminating agent
  • Reduction of time and cost of the bio-decontamination process preparation phase
  • Ease of use and simple process reproducibility
  • Fixed installation of Bioreset generators in a dedicated area simplify repeatability of validated cycles
  • Flexibility to manage cycles in different areas - rooms or volumes - to be decontaminated
  • System stability and greater control of the parameters resulting in less chance of human errors
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