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The Maintainer Training Course – Sychem Training Academy

Sychem offers structured training packages aimed to enable safe, accurate and reliable operation for all decontamination equipment and systems. Our training packages offer tailor made courses, ranging from operator and user to maintenance staff. The Maintainer Training Course is organised by Sychem and held at the Training AcademyCentre in Hampshire, UK. All our courses are designed in a way that attendees can make the most of our practical teaching approach. Our classes are organised and run in small groups at the time, and each course is customised to fit the requirements of our customers, of both the private and public sectors. The training is designed according to the method base teaching approach with plenty of hands-on workshops and practical experience. Our courses take the trainees through a complete journey aimed to provide the participants with comprehensive induction of the equipment,the operation, and the maintenance of the machine. The programs usually start with sessions based on the introduction of the equipment models and way of operation, followed by practical demonstrations of each component, step by step as described in the operating manuals. Thesessions also include a 1-2-1 tutorial of technical and practical training by one of our expert trainers. For this type of training course, particular attention is given to the Weekly-test and Quarterly test, fault finding, and alarm testing of each machine, to make sure that trainees understand how to properly maintain the equipment and avoid any downtime. Participants recognise the value The feedback from participants showed a high level of appreciation of the organisation and execution of the course. All the participants were extremely satisfied with the overall training provided, rating the preparation and the knowledge of the tutors with the highest score as well as the quality of equipment supplied for the training and the supporting material. Sychem Training Academy - Our Mission Sychem aims to provide participants with quality learning material and the latest revision of textbooks and manuals. We offer plenty of hands-on experience for the students with 1-2-1 exercise and practice time on equipment, providing the best instrument for the teaching program. For each customer we provide customised and personalised learning programs and we make sure that each student is supplied with the knowledge level that requires in its sterile department.   Training Academy

Disinfectant Compounds & Safety Data Sheet

Disinfectant Compounds: Safety Data Sheets Revealed   To minimise the risk of contamination through one of the most common transmission pathways, surface disinfectants are an important means to achieve pathogen control within laboratory and animal facilities. Disinfectants should provide an appropriate spectrum of antimicrobial activity but at the same time, effects on human health, environmental safety and animal behaviour must…

Cage Washing – Best Practice and Solutions

Cage Washing - Best Practice and Solutions We understand that ensuring your animal welfare and minimise cross-contamination are the keys for the success of your research. Therefore, carrying out proper practices for the cleaning of animal cages is essential. When it comes to decontamination, our specialists can help you to improve your every day process and achieve maximum safety by introducing…