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By Sam - 30th November, 2023 | Posted in Other
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The VS 1 TT from Steelco | Our Compact Autoclave for Small Medical Facilities

Discover the VS 1 TT from Steelco, our compact autoclave with a capacity of 1 STU designed for small medical facilities.

Guaranteeing versatility, safety, and high performance with the low total life costs of a tabletop unit, the VS 1 TT is available with several features and benefits.

Optimised Process Speed

Equipped with impressive fast heating, these compact autoclaves ensure reduced cycle time and avoid the possibility of cold spots with a high-performance water ring vacuum pump guaranteeing complete air removal and an efficient drying phase.

Thanks to its processing speed and low consumption, this autoclave also acts as the perfect solution for “fast-track” sterile processes in larger central sterilisation supply departments.

7″ User-Friendly HMI

Sterilisers are designed with a large 7″ user-friendly touchscreen control panel to support operators with each step of their interaction with the device to provide clear and easy-to-understand operational tasks.

VS 1 TT Compact Autoclave Steelco

Small Footprint

Characterised by a compact design with a reduced footprint, these sterilisers can easily overcome architectural limitations, such as door passages or lifts, specially designed for situations where space may be a premium.

Full Traceability

SteelcoData suite software is fully compatible with these sterilisers, allowing for efficient management and traceability of the sterilisation process. Full history cycle traceability is compatible with Steelco Data Pro with an ethernet Port for network communication and an integrated printer available as an option.

Safety, Design and Strength

Each compact autoclave is designed with a chamber size volume of 67.5 litres and a manual door which is equipped with a mechanism that keeps the door safely locked during the sterilisation process all the way through until completion.

Long-term reliability and steam cleanliness are ensured by the high-quality chambers and piping made of AISI 316L stainless steel. The acid-proof stainless steel chambers and piping are fully insulated with CFC-free thermal insulation.

Easy Plug & Play Installation

These compact sterilisers are designed as plug-and-play devices, requiring only an electrical supply, water inlets, and a drain, with no need for a compressed air connection. Being provided with wheels, they can be easily manoeuvred.

VS 1 TT Compact Autoclave From Steelco


When working with our Projects Department, we will allocate you to one of our expert Project Managers who will work closely with our Sales Executives to understand the requirements of your Healthcare facility. They will work together to provide you with a detailed technical proposal for your compact Healthcare autoclave installation ready for review and manufacture.

Your designated Project Manager will perform detailed site surveys, ready to transform your new or existing facility with a bespoke, space-efficient layout for your compact steriliser installation. This can be tailored to integrate with current existing equipment based on the requirements of your facility.

Supported by a fantastic team of Project Administrators, a specialist Installation Team, and specialist Validation Engineers, your dedicated Project Manager will work closely with the Installation Team to track the progress of your decontamination equipment installation.


With a team of 30+ engineers based across the UK, we ensure that your compact autoclave continues operating at its highest possible potential with the option of weekly, quarterly, biannual and annual testing (testing requirements depend on the industry of operation). Our service contracts are fully customisable, and tailored to meet your needs.

With a dedicated office-based team of Resource Coordinators on hand, rest assured that a member of our team will be available to respond to any enquiries promptly.

The Perfect Solution

Interested in learning more about how the VS 1 TT could help support you? Contact our expert team today to discuss your needs and let us design the perfect, bespoke solution to fit the diverse requirements of your Healthcare facility.


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