Washer Disinfectors

What is a washer?

A washer can also be known as a washer disinfector (WD), glassware washer, or simply “washer”. In some instance’s facilities may refer to them by number or even by name.

When it comes to our range of washers, we can provide a solution for almost any environment. Whether the need is for a high capacity, medium capacity or a small capacity location, we can provide the washer for you.

Why and where would you use one?


In healthcare a washer disinfector is a piece of equipment that uses water, temperature, time and detergent to wash away human tissue and blood from reusable surgical instruments prior to a sterilisation process being conducted.

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In a laboratory a glass washer is a piece of equipment used to process dirty and soiled glass, plastic and metal ware used within busy analytical and research laboratories. The glass washer as typically referred conducts the important task of soil removal to enable the research technicians to successfully conduct experiments without compromise via the removal of all contaminants.

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Why decide on Sychem for your washer project?

Full range of products

Extensive range of washers, featuring easy to use controls, low running costs, innovative independent monitoring systems for unrivalled process control, and data archiving for CQC, SGS, BSEN Compliance.

Experts in our field

Experts in decontamination & Sterilisation.

Competitive service

FREE, no obligation, fixed price quotes with complimentary site survey.

Money saving options

With various add-on features and alternatives available, we can always tailor to suit your resources.

Finance options available

Need to spread the cost? At Sychem we offer finance on all capital equipment.

Qualified engineer’s

Fully qualified Engineers, Security cleared engineers providing insured & guaranteed workmanship.

Highly rated service delivery 

At Sychem we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, our Service Team will support and assist you at every step. 

Full project management

When you choose Sychem for your project, you can rest assured that every detail will be communicated effectively.

SychemEye cloud-based customer service portal for:

Access to service reports

The Client Console allows customers to view their Quarterly, Biannual / Annual thermocouple test reports faster than those who rely on traditional methods (email/post).

Real-time management

You have access to electronic engineer report sheets and their entire archive. Plus the ability log call-outs “directly” into our Call Management System online.

Equipment detail

You get access to all equipment detail on your machines, making it easier than ever to access and monitor.

Access to statistics

Allowing for statistics to be viewed at any time on several metrics. Run reports the way you want them with our Software Team on hand to assist you.

Our most popular washer disinfectors


Compact medium capacity 18 DIN washer disinfector

  • User Friendly Colour touch screen control with inbuilt independent monitoring system.
  • Washing cart automatic identification.
  • Ergonomic working and loading heights via the use of our carriage and trolley.
  • 42.5 minute cycle time due to additional water storage tank.

  • Compact design with 2 x automatic vertical sliding doors for separation between the dirty side and packing room.


Large capacity glassware washer 

  • Hinged stainless steel door with glass viewing window. 
  • Optional HEPA-filtered forced air drying.
    Washing and forced hot air drying system on five independent levels.

  • High safety and easy to use touch pad control system with LCD display to visualize cycle status.

  • Telescopic bearing rails enable easy and safe loading/unloading of the glassware.

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