Animal Care

Animal Containment Workstations

In a biomedical facility, animal husbandry is of the utmost importance. Facilities must follow the strict home office guidelines and respect the principles of the 3R’s (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement).

In place of this, a wide variety of equipment is available to improve and support the animal technicians in exceeding all applicable home office guidelines, and AALAC requirements to promote the health and wellbeing of the animals and staff.

At Sychem, we provide a comprehensive range of animal contain workstations, services, and consumables to support & assist research facilities in providing the best conditions for the animals within their care. Whether it be for cage & bottle washing solutions, autoclaves, clean or dirty bedding handling, or even market-leading chemistries to maintain a bio-security level Sychem has the answer.

Our Most Popular Animal Care Solutions


Aquatic tank, cage and bottle washer

  • Available in single and two door passthrough.
  •  Will efficiently handle a high through-put of cages / bottles / aquatic tanks and associated items that require cleaning and disinfecting for a small to medium facility.
  • Fast cycle times.

  • Automatic vertical sliding door made of HST tempered glass for easy access to load chamber with completely retractable loading tiers.

  • Recirculating wash circuits to optimise water and energy consumption.



Clean bedding dispenser

  • Make your cage change process more efficient.
  • Control the volume of bedding within every cage.
  • Improve the animals living environment by reducing the dust level.
  • Replace the scoop and bucket with an automatic system.
  • No installation requirements ‘plug-n-play’.
  • Sychem Fill is available in manual bedding refill execution or with our “XL” option which features our bulk bag refill system.

VS498686 L

5940L Bulk floor loading autoclave

  • User Friendly Colour touch screen control with inbuilt independent monitoring system.
  • Washing cart automatic identification.Ergonomic working and loading heights via the use of our carriage and trolley.
  • 42.5 minute cycle time due to additional water storage tank.
  • Compact design with 2 x automatic vertical sliding doors for separation between the dirty side and packing room.

Why choose Sychem for your Animal Care solutions?

Full range of products

Extensive range of autoclaves featuring easy to use controls, low running costs, innovative independent monitoring systems for unrivalled process control and data archiving for CQCSGSBSEN Compliance.

Experts in our field

Experts in Decontamination & Sterilisation for Healthcare, Life Sciences and Laboratories.

Competitive service

FREE, no obligation, fixed price quotes with complimentary site survey.

Money saving options

With various add-on features and alternatives available, we can always tailor to suit your resources.

Finance options available

Need to spread the cost? At Sychem we offer finance on all capital equipment.

Qualified engineer’s

Fully qualified Engineers, Security cleared engineers providing insured & guaranteed workmanship.

Highly rated service delivery

At Sychem we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, our Service Team will support and assist you at every step. 

Full project management

When you choose Sychem for your project, you can rest assured that every detail will be communicated effectively.

Sychem Eye cloud-based customer service portal for:

Access to service reports

The Client Console allows customers to view their Quarterly, Biannual / Annual thermocouple test reports faster than those who rely on traditional methods (email/post).

Real-time management

You have access to electronic engineer report sheets and their entire archive. Plus the ability log call-outs “directly” into our Call Management System online.

Equipment detail

You get access to all equipment detail on your machines, making it easier than ever to access and monitor.

Access to statistics

Allowing for statistics to be viewed at any time on several metrics. Run reports the way you want them with our Software Team on hand to assist you.

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