Introducing the Sychem Airflow Range

Sychem provides a comprehensive range of animal care solutions, services, and consumables to support and assist research facilities in providing the best conditions possible for all animals within their care.

Innovation is at the heart of everything Sychem do, and 2020 marked the arrival of the all-new Sychem Airflow Range. Three unique work stations, all designed to help and assist research facilities in maximising animal welfare, protect animal technicians and advance biomedical research. 

What makes our work stations unique?

All three of our UK manufactured work stations utilise Sychem’s Active Airflow Technology, maximising protection for your animals and users. Each work station offers you a range of unique ergonomic advantages to protect users in their daily routine. 


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Introducing the Sychem Airflow Range



Stand-alone bedding disposal station enabling a cleaner working environment for all 

  • Active Airflow Technology with A filtered laminar airflow creates a downflow of H14 HEPA filtered air onto the work surface

  • Dual filtration through the use of pre-filters and HEPA filters for quiet air extraction to remove dust and laboratory animal allergens 

  • The station’s ergonomic design lends itself to be extremely user-friendly and easy to clean. 

  • Powered via a standard mains socket, the stand-alone waste disposal unit comes standard with a single chute and tabletop.



A dual-access animal transfer station for protection of staff, animals and research

  • A filtered laminar airflow creates a downflow of H14 HEPA filtered air onto the work surface limiting the potential for cross-contamination and maximising staff safety.
  • Comes standard with a 7” LCD colour touchscreen. Allowing you easy configuration and control over all parameters whilst keeping relevant information just a glance away.
  • Height adjustable robotics with an inbuilt safety system allows you to raise and lower the machine via the LCD touchscreen. Ensuring the system is at a comfortable operating height in seconds.


A free-standing clean bedding dispenser to improve efficiency 

  • Make your cage change process more efficient.
  • Control the volume of bedding within every cage.
  • Improve the animals living environment by reducing the dust level.
  • Replace the scoop and bucket with an automatic system.
  • No installation requirements ‘plug-n-play’.
  • Sychem Fill is available in manual bedding refill execution or with our “XL” option which features our bulk bag refill system.

What is the requirement for Animal Containment Workstations?

In a biomedical facility, animal husbandry is of the utmost importance. Facilities must follow the strict home office guidelines and respect the principles of the 3R’s (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement).

In place of this, a wide variety of equipment is available to improve and support the animal technicians in exceeding all applicable home office guidelines, and AALAC requirements to promote the health and wellbeing of the animals and staff.

At Sychem, we provide a comprehensive range of animal contain workstations, services, and consumables to support & assist research facilities in providing the best conditions for the animals within their care. Whether it be for cage & bottle washing solutions, autoclaves, clean or dirty bedding handling, or even market-leading chemistries to maintain a bio-security level Sychem has the answer.

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