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The Healthcare Sector

In partnership with Steelco, we provide a comprehensive range of Healthcare equipment including autoclaves and washers.

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What Products and Solutions Do We Provide for Healthcare?

We offer a comprehensive selection of Healthcare equipment including autoclaves and washers.

Here at Sychem, we specialise in providing high-performance Healthcare autoclaves and washers tailored to meet the unique needs of medical facilities, ensuring efficient and effective operation.

As a specialised medical equipment supplier, we recognise the importance of maintaining a clean and sterile environment in healthcare settings. Therefore, our autoclaves and washers are designed for reliability, ease of use, and effectiveness, with a foundation in extensive research and development.

Manufactured in partnership with Steelco and supported by various servicing and planned preventive maintenance (PPM) packages, we ensure your equipment maintains its highest capabilities with minimal downtime. Our dedicated Projects team is available to assist you throughout the entire process of designing, installing, and commissioning your new solution.


PL series Low Temperature Sterilisers brochure Steelco

Steelco PL Series Low Temperature Sterilisers 2023

Healthcare Small Capacity Autoclave Brochure VS Range CSSD 2

Steelco Small Capacity Steam Sterilisers 2023

steelco steam sterilisers vs g2

Steelco Steam Sterilisers VS G2 Series 2023

Ultrasonic Steelco Brochure

Ultrasonic Steelco Brochure

steelco lc series cart washers

Steelco LC Series Cart Washer Disinfectors Brochure 2023

steelco pwd 86 washer disinfector

Steelco PWD 86 Series Washer Brochure 2023

CSSD Department brochure Steelco

CSSD Range Steelco Brochure

Washer disinfectors Small Medium range Steelco

Steelco Healthcare Washer Disinfectors Small - Medium 2023


What do our customers think of us?

5 stars

"The attention to detail from your team has certainly made this whole process less stressful. I want to thank all the team at Sychem, and I look forward to having our new equipment successfully installed. "

- Sychem Client

"Sychem always demonstrates professionalism and integrity when visiting client sites. With the ability to service other OEM equipment, this demonstrates a real value add to our clients and in a market where this is often hard to achieve."

- Sychem Client

"Sychem seems to pride themselves on their client & customer relationships and are always amenable to adapting servicing, pricing, ways of working etc. Quotations and service reports are always clear and concise"

- Sychem Client
9th March, 2021

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