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Here at Sychem, we offer a wide variety of disinfection chemicals to assist in the cleaning and disinfection processes within healthcare and laboratories to name but a few. So what is a chemical? A chemical is a substance featuring a constant chemical composition with characteristic properties. 

The chemical bond cannot be physically broken by manually pulling it apart, the only way to manipulate its composition is to apply excessive temperatures, pressures or by introducing chemical reactions by the addition of a substrate.

At Sychem we provide chemicals in the form of:

Cleaners, detergents & rinse aids

Sychem Old School provides you with a comprehensive range of cleaners, detergents and rinse aids to have at your disposal.

Sanitisers & high level broad spectrum antiseptics

Our range of hand sanitisers are ideal for use in a variety of different environments; ranging from use in hospitals to offices.

Disinfectants & high level cold sterilants

Our disinfectant technology platform is based on a peracid with an adjuvant effect to enhance its microbial efficacy and is compatible with all surfaces.

Transmission pathways

All of the above play an essential role in interrupting key transmission pathways within a facility. A “transmission pathway” is the route a bacteria/pathogen takes to move from one location to another, whether it by person to person contact, surface to person contact or directly from the environment within which we live and work. 

Interrupting the pathway by a chemical intervention is crucial in improving biosecurity levels, minimising hospital-acquired infections (HAI’S), improving infection control levels, and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

There are four recognised transmission pathways. These are, hands/skin, surfaces, air, and water. In consideration of these, we are proud to bring Sychem Protect, Control, and Ultra to the forefront of infection prevention and biosecurity control. 

In addition to this Sychem provide an extensive range of process supporting cleaners and detergents for use within laboratory glassware washers and other specialist applications.

Why decide on Sychem for your chemical requirements?

Full product range

Extensive range of products to suit each process and application- making our product range one of the most sought after on the market.

Innovative adjuvant technology

Innovative adjuvant technology platforms and formulas for unrivalled efficiency and microbial kill efficacy.

No disinfectant rotation required

With no rotation required on our Sychem Protect, Control and Ultra. We can supply you with chemicals for years to come with the peace of mind that your facility will always be protected against microbes.

Suitable for use on all material substrates

Our Sychem Protect, Control and Ultra are compatible with all surfaces, making them one of the most flexible and adaptable product ranges you can buy.

Experts in our field

We can provide you with the expert knowledge you need when choosing your chemical supplier.

High quality service

With us as your chemical provider. We provide next day deliveries on all our chemicals with our Service Team at Sychem HQ able to assist you every step of the way!

We go that extra mile

FREE, no obligation application support with fixed price quotes and complimentary site surveys: Providing money-saving solutions, process improving techniques and inventory reducing chemical usage.

Our most popular chemicals

Protect Hand Sanitiser Foamer

Hand sanitising foamer

  • 600ml pump bottle x 10 per box.
  •  Ideal for distribution throughout your facility or department.
  • Ready for use – no water required.

  • Product Code: SYC-010060010-P.

  • Alcohol-free hand sanitiser

Control Concentrate Fluid

Fluid concentrate

  • 5 litre container x 2 per box.
  • 2 x Complimentary pelican pumps.
  • Ideal for onsite dilution and use within a sprayer/atomiser spray.
  • Product Code: SYC-020152-C.

  • Dilution 1:84. (Control : Water)

Ultra Concentrate Fluid

Concentrate drum

  • 4 litre drum x 2 per box.
  • 2 x Complimentary pelican pumps.
  • Ideal for onsite dilution and use within a sprayer/atomiser spray.

  • Product Code: SYC-21004-U/1.

  • Dilution 1:33. (Ultra : Water)

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