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By Nicole - 13th June, 2022 | Posted in Healthcare
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The Sychem team are proud to announce that we will be attending the Endoscope Decontamination Forum (Wales) on the 16th of June 2022.

We will be exhibiting a selection from our extensive range of Infection Control Consumables, including ATP Hygiene Monitoring devices and Protein Residue testing.

You can find us at the Hafod Y Hendre Centre, the Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells.

ATP Hygiene Monitoring 

Discover our ATP Hygiene Monitoring range!

In partnership with Hygiena, we offer a number of ATP testing swabs and luminometers, including the market-leading Ensure™ Touch system and the System SURE™ Plus.

An ATP test is used to measure ATP levels on a surface, assessing the performance of a cleaning process beyond visible means.

ATP Hygiene Monitoring is a measure taken to verify cleaning practices (including physical cleaning and sterilisation/disinfection) that provides accurate results to define, monitor, and maintain cleaning standards within a facility.

We will be attending the Endoscope Decontamination Forum with a number of devices from our Hygiena collection.

Protein Residue Testing 

In UK exclusive partnership with the Infection Prevention giant Terragene, we offer a variety of Protein Residue testing consumables, including the MiniPRO auto-reader and the Pro1 Micro testing pen/swab.

A protein detection system monitors the results of a protein residue test to ensure that something has been cleaned properly.

A protein residue test is a chemical test that is used to detect all levels of protein present on a process load, that cannot be seen by visual inspection.

The test is designed to look for a particular type of protein commonly present in the blood.

By undertaking these tests, users can detect residual proteins that are left on the surfaces of hard-to-clean surgical instruments.

We hope to see you at the We will be attending the Endoscope Decontamination Forum (Wales) on the 16th June!

To learn more about our complete range of Infection Control Consumables, please visit the Infection Control page, or contact a member of our expert team for more information.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit the Hygiena website and the Terragene website to find out more.


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