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By Nicole - 6th October, 2022 | Posted in Other
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We are delighted to share that we will be attending IDSc annual conference on the 29th and 30th of November, 2022.

We will be exhibiting a selection from our extensive range of Infection Control Consumables, including ATP Hygiene Monitoring devices, Protein Residue testing, Chemical Indicators, Cleaning Indicators and Biological Indicators.

ATP Hygiene Monitoring

Discover our ATP Hygiene Monitoring range!

In partnership with Hygiena, we offer a number of ATP testing swabs and luminometers, including the market-leading Ensure™ Touch system and the System SURE™ Plus.

An ATP test is used to measure ATP levels on a surface, assessing the performance of a cleaning process beyond visible means.

ATP Hygiene Monitoring is a measure taken to verify cleaning practices (including physical cleaning and sterilisation/disinfection) that provides accurate results to define, monitor, and maintain cleaning standards within a facility.

We will be attending the IDSc with a number of devices from our Hygiena collection.

Protein Residue Testing

In UK exclusive partnership with the Infection Prevention giant Terragene, we offer a variety of Protein Residue testing consumables, including the MiniPRO auto-reader and the Pro1 Micro testing pen/swab.

A protein detection system monitors the results of a protein residue test to ensure that something has been cleaned properly.

A protein residue test is a chemical test that is used to detect all levels of protein present on a process load, that cannot be seen by visual inspection.

The test is designed to look for a particular type of protein commonly present in the blood.

By undertaking these tests, users can detect residual proteins that are left on the surfaces of hard-to-clean surgical instruments.

Chemical Indicators

In partnership with Terragene, we offer a variety of Chemical Indicators, including Bowie Dick test packs, Chemical Integrators for steam and Hydrogen Peroxide, self-adhesive indicator tape and more.

Chemical indicators are used to challenge the sterilisation and decontamination processes that are equal to or greater than the challenge posed by the most challenging item routinely processed through the equipment.

Chemical indicators are used to check whether the Sterilisation and Decontamination process has been undertaken correctly. They are used to test decontamination equipment to determine whether the sterilisation process is operating to regulatory standards. They are designed to respond to one or more conditions in the sterilisation chamber and are used as part of routine quality monitoring processes.

Cleaning Indicators

Working with Terragene, we also offer a range of Cleaning Indicators, including the CDWA3 & CDWA4 splats, Endoscopy Process Challenge Devices, Thermodisinfection Indicators for moist heat disinfection and more.

Cleaning indicators are used for validation and routine monitoring of the efficacy of cleaning processes in washers, particularly in the Health industry. They are used as a quick visual evaluation of the process and can identify potential sources of problems, to ensure that the cleaning process of surgical instruments is taking place correctly.

Biological Indicators

In partnership with Terragene, we offer an extensive range of Biological Indicators and auto-reader incubators.

The use of Biological Indicators is essential to monitor the sterilisation processes in a variety of industries, but is particularly common in Healthcare. The indicator provides information on whether necessary conditions were met to kill a specified number of microorganisms set by ISO for a given sterilisation process.

This provides a level of confidence in the process. Biological indicators are more frequently used in facilities in the USA but are becoming more popular in the UK. Our Biological Indicators use the most resistant living form to challenge your sterilisation process. A Biological indicator is one of the most comprehensive ways to test that your sterilisation process is working.


With a team of 25+ engineers based across the UK, Sychem ensures that your equipment continues operating at it’s highest possible potential with weekly, quarterly, biannual and annual testing (testing requirements depend on the industry of operation).

We service all recognised brands of autoclaves, washer disinfectors and any other decontamination equipment. Our service contracts are fully customisable, and tailored to meet a facility’s needs. Our equipment services contracts can vary from periodic service & testing of equipment to fully comprehensive PPM contracts that incorporate breakdown cover, parts and training.

Can’t wait until IDSc to ask a question? Contact a member of our expert team for more information.

Visit the Hygiena and Terragene websites for more information on their complete product range.


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