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Healthcare Autoclaves

We provide a comprehensive range of Steelco healthcare autoclaves for hospital central sterile services departments (CSSD), decontamination services units and pathology laboratories.

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What Types of Healthcare Autoclaves Do We Provide?

We offer an extensive selection of healthcare autoclaves to meet the needs of any medical facility.

Our portfolio spans from compact 67.5 litre autoclaves to large steam disinfection units with a capacity of 1344 litres designed to cater to the needs of all CSSD and decontamination service units.

All of our autoclaves are equipped with high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel chambers, ensuring efficient heat transfer with a full jacket system to guarantee optimal heat distribution.

Being highly versatile, each of our machines can be customised to accommodate single or double doors for easy installation.

In addition, all of our machines are also engineered to offer the best-in-class solutions for the reduction of energy and water consumption to provide users with the lowest operating cost per load.

In 2020, Sychem was awarded the NHS supply chain framework for Pathology and Point of Care Testing, Associated Equipment, Instruments, Consumables, Accessories, and Managed Services. As a result, we also provide pathology laboratories with a variety of decontamination equipment.

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How to Decide on Your Healthcare Autoclave?

When choosing Steelco Healthcare autoclaves, there are plenty of factors for you to consider.

What type do you require?

Do you require a small, medium or large-capacity steam steriliser or a combination? Chamber volumes range from 67.5 litres all the way up to 1344 litres.

What are your DIN tray needs?

Based on your facilities throughput need, consider how many DIN trays you will need to load per cycle. Enquire with the team if you would like further support.

What are your steam requirements?

Consider how you are going to generate steam. Is it something you have already in your facility or will you need the autoclave to generate its own?

healthcare autoclaves

Would you like water-saving configurations?

Steelco sterilisers come with various water-saving configurations that depending on the model provide the option of reducing your water consumption to nearly zero.

What is your budget?

Whether you are looking to save on costs or create a customisable solution with additional features, we can tailor a solution to meet your diverse needs.

What are your configuration needs?

Steelco medical autoclaves can be configured with either a single/double door set-up (for pass-through installation) and a technical area left or right-aligned.

Our Most Popular Healthcare Autoclaves

Discover our range of Steelco VS Series autoclaves designed to sterilise surgical instruments and other items used in CSSD and decontamination services units.

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Healthcare Small Capacity Autoclave Brochure VS Range CSSD 2

Steelco Small Capacity Steam Sterilisers 2023

Auctoclave Medium Capacity Healthcare brochure

Steelco Medium and Large Capacity Steam Sterilisers 2023

PL series Low Temperature Sterilisers brochure Steelco

Steelco PL Series Low Temperature Sterilisers 2023


Full Project Support

At Sychem, our Projects Department is committed to providing unwavering support to our clients throughout every step of their equipment journey. Our services encompass the entire process of designing, commissioning and installing your cutting-edge solution.

When you choose to collaborate with our Projects Department, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a dedicated Project Manager who will work closely with your team in tandem with our Sales Executives. Together, they will gain a deep understanding of your unique requirements, crafting a technical proposal for your review and production.

Our team conducts thorough surveys of your facility’s space to meticulously design a tailor-made, space-efficient layout that seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment, all aligned with your specific process needs.

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What do our customers think of us?

5 stars

"The attention to detail from your team has certainly made this whole process less stressful. I want to thank all the team at Sychem, and I look forward to having our new equipment successfully installed. "

- Sychem Client

"Sychem always demonstrates professionalism and integrity when visiting client sites. With the ability to service other OEM equipment, this demonstrates a real value add to our clients and in a market where this is often hard to achieve."

- Sycherm Client

"Sychem has been fantastic and always open to engagement and discussion. Personally, I have found Mitch to be one of the best contacts I have worked with at any supplier in my 10+ years working in procurement."

- Sychem Client
11th January, 2024

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