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At Sychem, we provide infection control products for use in healthcare facilities, laboratories, veterinary practices and dental practices to name but a few. So, what does infection control mean?

In healthcare infection control is referred to as the discipline deployed to prevent nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), it is a practical sub-discipline of epidemiology and is the crucial yet often overlooked area of the infrastructure of a healthcare facility to protect its patients, staff, and visitors from acquiring infections during their visit or stay.

infection control atp test

At Sychem we provide various infection control monitoring solutions for your processes. Our range includes;

Protein residue testing

The Protein Residue testing kit from Sychem allows quantitative and fully traceable results of the decontamination process.

Process challenging devices

We have a comprehensive range of process challenge test devices intended to provide a challenge to the sterilization and decontamination processes.

Biological indicators

Our range of biological indicators have been designed to provide a fast, efficient and reliable test for routine monitoring.

ATP hygiene monitoring 

Our range of Hygiene monitoring solutions are ideal for all industry sectors, featuring the very latest product release, the Ensure Touch.


We provide a range of extras to complement your processes. Ranging from wifi connectivity ports to three-line labellers.

Our most popular infection control solutions

PRO 1 Micro

High sensitivity protein residue testing Pens

  • Fully quantitative and traceable results when used with Mini Pro Incubator
  • The system has a high absorption swab which allows the collection of samples from different surfaces and surgical instruments

  • Detection limit: 10 μg

  • Meets ISO 15883-1: 2006 / HTM 01-01: 2016 / HTM 01-05: 2013 guidelines

  • 100 swabs per box

  • Product code: PRO1MICRO

Bowie Dick
Test Packs

Steam penetration process challenge device

  • Detects inadequate air removal and steam penetration in vacuum-assisted Steam sterilizers
  • Problems will be shown as heterogeneous colour change from yellow into dark brown/black 

  • Visual results which reduces the chances of misinterpretation
  • Ready to use – No need to construct test packs

  • 20 packs per box
  • Product code: BD125X

EnSure Touch

ATP hygiene monitoring system 

  • Verify sanitation of surfaces, liquids, and product testing in as little as 15 seconds
  •  Test and compare the effectiveness of sanitation products and procedures
  • Support SSOP and objectively prove that sanitation standards have been met

  •  Train and monitor sanitation crew and QC/QA employees

  • Quickly identify when replaceable parts like belts and brushes should be replaced

  • Product code: ETOUCH

Why decide on Sychem for your infection control solutions?

Full product range

Extensive range of products to suit each process and application making our infection control range one of the most sought after on the market.

High quality service

We provide instant sales and technical support whilst providing next day deliveries on all of our infection control consumables, our helpful team are on hand to assist you every step of the way!

High quality products

Manufactured under strict quality assurance systems our range of Terragene infection control products have been manufactured to ISO 13485:201, ISO 16142-1:2016 and ISO 15223-1:2016 standards.

For specific product related accreditations please do not hesitate to contact us.

We go that extra mile

Free, no obligation application support with fixed price quotes and complimentary site surveys: Providing money-saving solutions combined with process improving techniques that improve audit results via our market leading batch and lot number detailing combined with manufactured on and  use by dates stamped on all consumable items.

Transmission pathways

Infection control could be referred to as the process by which improvement or change occurs to interrupt and monitor a critical transmission pathway. What is a transmission pathway? It is the route a microorganism (a bug or a germ) uses to travel from one location to another. Not many people consider the simplicity behind infection control management, but here at Sychem, we strive to enable individuals the knowledge and confidence to better serve their facilities via the identification of the risks affecting their processes and procedures. The four main transmission pathways are;

  1. Hands/skin
  2. Surfaces
  3. Water
  4. Air
infection transmission cycle
Disinfection Specialists

At Sychem we are the specialists in “interrupting” the key transmission pathways through the use of disinfection and cleaning chemicals. We also tackle key transmission pathways through the use of sterilisation and decontamination equipment such as autoclaves and washers. In addition to this, we specialise in “monitoring” these processes via the use of our extensive range of infection control consumables to ensure procedures are maintained and performance in keeping with regulatory guidelines. Process performance is crucial in ensuring the quality and conformance of any sterilisation or decontamination process.

With the aid of our infection control consumables and processes, we can minimise the chances of infection occurring or cross-contamination happening. Our solutions can help a variety of industries; whether it be food processing, healthcare sterile service departments, dental clinics, veterinary practices, tattoo and piercing parlours, pharmaceutical or diagnostic laboratories.

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