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Explore our diverse range of infection prevention and control technologies for use in various industries. Our product portfolio includes ATP hygiene monitoring, chemical & cleaning indicators, protein residue testing, traceability devices, biological indicators and V-PHP generators.

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What infection control solutions do we provide?

At Sychem, we provide a variety of infection prevention & infection control monitoring for different industries.

We provide a wide range of infection control and prevention solutions to various sectors, including Healthcare, Laboratory, Life Science, Veterinary practises, Dental clinics and Facility Management. In addition, we work with our partners Hygiena and Terragene to supply a variety of infection control consumables directly to these industries.

Sychem is the UK exclusive partner for Terragene, and together we provide a range of infection prevention consumables to support CSS departments. Our products stem from rapid-readout biological indicators to process challenge devices (used to validate sterilisation cycles). All of our products comply with the current HTM01-01:2016.

In healthcare settings, infection control prevents Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) from being transmitted to patients, staff or visitors. By using our range of Infection control consumables, the level of protection is raised, and the risk posed by HAI’s is lowered.

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Our most popular infection control and prevention solutions​

All solutions help improve the efficiency and traceability of cleaning processes.


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EnSURETouch Sell Sheet English

EnSURETouch Sell Sheet

Product Description MiniPro

Product Description - MiniPro

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What are Transmission pathways?

Transmission pathways are the route that a microorganism (a bug or a germ) uses to travel from one location to another. Using our infection control consumables causes the transmission pathway to be disrupted, meaning the microorganism cannot continue the route. The four main transmission pathways are:

  • Hands/skin
  • Surfaces
  • Water
  • Air

We at Sychem strive to assist facilities in the continued fight against infection.

Disinfection Specialists

At Sychem, we are experts in disrupting key transmission pathways through the use of our disinfection & cleaning chemicals. Additionally, we tackle key transmission pathways via the use of our capital equipment, such as autoclaves and washers. Our extensive range of infection control consumables ensures that procedures are maintained & performances are in keeping with regulatory guidelines. Process performance is crucial in ensuring the quality and conformance of any sterilisation or decontamination process.

Our infection control consumables and processes minimise the chances of infection occurring or cross-contamination happening. Our solutions assist various industries, including food processing, healthcare sterile service departments, dental clinics, veterinary practices, tattoo and piercing parlours, pharmaceutical or diagnostic laboratories.

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What do our customers think of us?

5 stars

"I’m so happy with the lemongrass alcohol hand gels and disinfectant kit you’ve provided our offices, to help our staff feel safe on their return to work. Please pass on my thanks to your team for getting our order to us so quickly and efficiently! "

- Sychem Client

"Sychem has been fantastic and always open to engagement and discussion. Personally, I have found Mitch to be one of the best contacts I have worked with at any supplier in my 10+ years working in procurement."

- Sychem Client

"Sychem seems to pride themselves on their client & customer relationships and are always amenable to adapting servicing, pricing, ways of working etc. Quotations and service reports are always clear and concise."

- Sychem Client
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