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Traceability devices

Trazanto and Bionova cloud are systems that are designed for quality control and traceability of cleaning, disinfection & sterilisation processes.

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Trazanto and Bionova Cloud

Improving accuracy and efficiency in CSSD’s with Traceability devices!

Terragene’s simple, accurate analysis device for chemical and washing indicators is designed to provide clear results with  precision that goes beyond human capabilities. Trazanto harnesses an artificial intelligence (AI) based system for quality and traceability control of washing, disinfection, and sterilisation processes. Together with Bionova Cloud, this enables the streamlining of internal processes and optimisation of central sterile services departments workflow.

The Trazanto allows the automatic incorporation of chemical & washing indicators in the same traceability system, where the rest of the monitoring indicators are automatically managed and analysed. Therefore, the Trazanto allows sterile services staff to collect and digitally store all the data together, including Bionova® biological indicators, Chemdye® Pro1 Micro (a hygiene monitoring system based on the absolute quantification of total proteins), Chemdye® washing indicators, and Chemdye®/Integron® chemical indicators.

Traceability Devices

Sychem is Terragene’s UK exclusive partner, providing traceability analysers for quality control and traceability of cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes.


Product Description Trazanto

Product Description - Trazanto

Bionova Cloud Manual

Manual Bionova Cloud


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