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Traceability devices

Trazanto and Bionova cloud are systems that are designed for quality control and traceability of cleaning, disinfection & sterilisation processes.

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Trazanto and Bionova Cloud

Improving accuracy and efficiency in your Central Sterile Service Departments (CSSDs) with Sychem’s Traceability devices!

Sychem work in a UK exclusive partnership with the Infection Prevention giant Terragene, to provide an extensive portfolio of equipment to support Sterile Services departments including the Trazanto!

From Terragene’s extensive portfolio comes a simple, accurate analysis device for chemical and washing indicators is designed to provide clear results with  precision that goes beyond human capabilities. The Trazanto harnesses an artificial intelligence (AI) based system for quality and traceability control of washing, disinfection, and sterilisation processes. Together with Bionova Cloud, this enables the streamlining of internal processes and optimisation of the Central Sterile Services department’s workflow.

The Trazanto allows for the automatic incorporation of chemical & washing indicators all within the same traceability system, where the rest of the monitoring indicators are automatically managed and analysed. Therefore, the Trazanto allows Sterile Services staff to collect and digitally store all the data together, including Bionova® biological indicators, Chemdye® Pro1 Micro (a hygiene monitoring system based on the absolute quantification of total proteins), Chemdye® washing indicators, and Chemdye®/Integron® chemical indicators.

Traceability Devices

Sychem is Terragene’s UK exclusive partner, working together to providee traceability analysers for quality control and traceability of cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes.


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Product Description Trazanto Terragene

Product Description - Trazanto

Bionova Cloud Manual

Manual Bionova Cloud


Discover more about Terragene’s Bionova Software and full product range on their youtube channel. 

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"I'm extremely happy with the works carried out by you and your colleagues at Sychem, and we’re grateful for all your efforts thus far."

- Sychem Client
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Trazanto Trial and Bionova Cloud

At Sychem, we recognise the importance of processes being as efficient as possible. The Trazanto significantly eases the process within CSSD’s, but don’t take our word for it, take a look at the evidence in the Trazanto trial!

As the UK exclusive supplier of Terragene’s traceability technology, Sychem arranged for the Royal Free London NHS foundation trust to begin a trial of the Trazanto at the start of 2021. Trialling the use of the AI system alongside their old process, the trust switched entirely to Trazanto in March 2021.

It is essential for capital equipment in healthcare settings to be tested and validated regularly in compliance with the latest HTM 01 – 01: 2016. The daily testing of autoclaves and washer-disinfectors at any Healthcare facility is critical to ensuring patient safety.

Some hospitals use a more ‘old fashioned’ system to record data, such as Bowie Dick test packs and record sheets, but the Trazanto is designed to provide ease and efficiency to users.

The Trazanto also comes with the option to add Bionova Cloud software, and the team at Royal Free London Decontamination Services opted to switch over to the new technology. Terragene’s technologically advanced system has the ability to test autoclaves, test washer-disinfectors and record protein residue testing. David continued; “We use the Bionova system for protein testing. This is a requirement from HTM, and the Bionova system provides us with the quantitative figure that is required. Using the same software as Trazanto, we are able to keep all of our records and data in the same place, making it easy to access”.

Read the full Trazanto Trial here, or visit Terragene’s website for more information.

Trazanto Traceability devices

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