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Biological Indicators

Biological indicators are required to confirm that an autoclave is working correctly and that the decontamination process has been adequately performed.

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Our range of biological indicators & incubators

A Biological Indicator confirms whether decontamination equipment is operating as it should be.

Sychem, the winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2022, are the UK exclusive partner for the Infection Prevention giant Terragene. We work together to offer an extensive range of consumables to monitor Infection Control processes, including a broad variety of Biological Indicators.

The use of Biological Indicators is essential to monitor the sterilisation processes in a variety of industries, but is particularly common in Healthcare. The indicator provides information on whether necessary conditions were met to kill a specified number of microorganisms set by ISO for a given sterilisation process. This provides a level of confidence in the process. Biological indicators are more frequently used in facilities in the USA but are becoming more popular in the UK. Our Biological Indicators use the most resistant living form to challenge your sterilisation process. A Biological indicator is one of the most comprehensive ways to test that your sterilisation process is working.

In UK exclusive partnership with Terragene, we provide a wide range of self-contained biological indicators and auto-readers incubators.

To discover their extensive range of Biological Indicators and incubators, visit their website.


Our Most Popular Biological Indicators

At Sychem we provide various Biological Indicators to support research facilities, Laboratories, Healthcare settings and many other industries. Our range includes:



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Product Description - IC1020FR

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Product Description - MiniBio


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9th March, 2021

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Who are Terragene?

Sychem and Terragene have worked in proud, UK exclusive partnership since 2017.

Terragene are based in Argentina and have offered complete solutions for infection control since 2006, supplying to over 70 countries across the globe. As the UK exclusive partner for Terragene, we at Sychem are proud to provide infection control consumables to various industries.

Our extensive range of Infection Prevention devices by our partner Terragene includes Protein Residue tests, Chemical IndicatorsCleaning IndicatorsBiological Indicators and Traceability devices.

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