• Bench-top & Vertical


     for Everyday Laboratory use
    • Liquid sterilization with various cooling options
    • Pipette and Glass sterilization
    • Instrument sterilization (wrapped or unwrapped)
    • Biohazard and Waste sterilization
    • Agar preparation
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  • The Globally Renowned Sychem BD9000US Automatic Bedding Dispensing System

    • State of the art duel technology for fast and effective transportation of product from lower to upper hoppers
    • Non contact dispensing
    • Touchscreen controls for ease of use
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  • Sychem Protect, Ultra and Control

    • High care disinfectant products
    • For high risk areas
    • General janitorial cleaning products
    • Specialist cleaning products
  • Large Bulk Autoclave Chambers for Biomedical High Capacity Applications

    • 1500 to 10,000 Liter autoclave chamber volume
    • High volume waste treatment
    • Pre and post vacuum pump
    • Thermal Effluent System
    • Floor or Pit mounted models
    • For Animal Care applications
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  • NEW State of the Art MITO COMBI Bottle Processing System

    • Less than 4 m2 footprint
    • Over 1080 bottles and caps reprocessed per hour with a considerable saving of time and personnel
    • Suitable for in line and conventional barrier pass-through applications
    • Fully automated. Compatible with robotic loading and unloading functions
    • Versatile. Mito FB COMBI is compatible with any model of caps and feeding bottles available on the market
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  • New BWS+ Bedding Waste System Featuring Signum Bag Sealing Technology

    • Unique Seal, Cut & Re-Seal function – Globally Unique System – Patented design
    • Simple single touch user control
    • Weight control system to ensure technicians do not overfill waste bags
    • A pressure monitor constantly inspects plenum pressure alerting to any imbalances in airflow
    • Strong inflow air velocity at 100 fpm (.51 m/s) creates personnel protection
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  • Welcome To Sychem

    Sychem are specialist suppliers of washer disinfectors,sterilization equipment, material handling solutions and chemical sanitizers and disinfectants within the UK. Providing unique, innovative and high quality equipment, chemicals and servicing solutions utilizing over 30 years experience.

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Product Highlight

SIGNUM eliminates 'high risk' allergen exposure often associated with tying waste bags filled with dirty animal bedding by removing the necessity to tie the bag.
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Recent News

  • Sychem announce another first for the industry!

    Sychem announce another first for the industry!

    Sychem are proud to introduce the new BDS+ dump station with integrated bag sealing technology,  The introduction of the Signum unit two years ago sparked a revolution in containment of waste bedding and the removal of transmission pathway but sealing bags within the dump station area,  Sychem now offer dump stations with the Signum technology incorporated.

  • Introducing the new Sychem Chemical range

    Introducing the new Sychem Chemical range

    PROTECT is a disinfectant/antiseptic technology platform, intended for use as a skin antiseptic and offers safe, effective, user friendly skin cleansing.

  • The decontamination process

    The decontamination process

    At Sychem, we understand the decontamination process and are proud to offer practical and professional support for organizations handling these hazards on a routine basis. Our high-quality laboratory and medical autoclaves provide comprehensive disinfection and sterilization as well as being easy to integrate with our own and other waste disposal systems. Our priorities are yours: decontamination, worker safety and efficiency.

Autoclave and washer engineers required

Due to global demand of our products we are actively seeking engineers required in all areas.

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