Glass Rinse 1

Alkali glass rinse


What is it

Heavy duty acid based rinse aid, non foaming and ideal for use in
all types of glass washers for the neutralisation of alkali detergent
following detergent cycle.
Glass Rinse 1 can also be used as an acidic additive prior to demineralised
rinses to prevent deposition of hard water salts.
Available sizes and formats;
4 x 5 Litre Pack, 10 Litre, 20 Litre
& 200 Litre drum complete with transport bund.


Glass Rinse 1 is economical, versatile and has multi-surface use, suitable on both
hard and soft water applications.
Glass Rinse 1 effectively neutralises and inhibits rinsing whilst not creating
It is phosphate & solvent free and is fully bio-degradable.
Works in all makes and models of glass washers & washer dryers.

How to Use it

1. For best results use in conjunction with an automatic chemical dosing system.
2. On typical applications dose at 0.5% - 2%, this dose rate will be dependant on the nature of the surface
and the efficiency of the detergent cycle.
3. Ensure rinse water is maintained at 82oC for optimum results.

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Additional information

Container Size

10 L, 20 L, 200 L, 25 L, 4×5 L Packs

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