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Helix Process Challenge Device

Helix Test Kit with class 2 indicator strips


Product Code: KH2X 15-3.5/M

Helix Test Kit with class 2 indicator strips

KH2X15-3.5BD/P / Helix-PCD + Bowie-Dick simulation test kit for Steam sterilisation processes: 3,5 min. 134° C. Sterilizer monitoring. Plastic capsule. A plastic tube of 1,5 m and 2 mm internal diameter.1 cotton bag + 250 strips PCD-A-3.5BD Turns from Blue to Black. EN 867-5, ISO 11140-1 Type2. ISO 11140-4.

Designed to assess air removal and steam penetration in large and small vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers. Condition: Bowie & Dick cycle: 3.5 minutes, 134 ºC.

Bowie Dick Test

Bowie & Dick Test Pack BD125X/2

Steam penetration process challenge device

Bowie Dick Helix test kit (plastic) KH2X15-3.5BD/P

  • No need to construct test packs.
  • Reduces chances of misinterpretation.
  • Eliminates the chance of exposure to lead or other heavy metals.
  • Traceability and recognition of expired packs at the time of use.


  • Process: Steam
  • Initial Color: Blue
  • Final Color: Black
  • Indicator Type: Type 2 Chemical Indicator
  • Regulations: EN 285, EN 867-5, ISO 11140-1
  • Packaging: 1 plastic device + 1 cotton bag + 250 strips
  • 20 packs per box.

NOTE: If 4 bars change to the final colour, the result is successful, the sterilizer works properly. If one or more bars have not turned to the final colour, this shows a failure in sterilizing agent penetration, therefore an equipment malfunction.

Process challenge devices are required to confirm that a sterilisation or decontamination process has been adequately performed.

Process challenge devices are used to provide a challenge to the sterilisation and decontamination processes that are equal to or greater than the challenge posed by the most challenging item routinely processed through the equipment.

PCD’s are another step-in, ensuring decontamination equipment is working correctly and assisting the department by allowing its users to quantify that the equipment is working correctly and within specifications.

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Bowie Dick Test

Bowie & Dick Test Pack BD125X/2

Steam penetration process challenge device


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