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Degreaser HD

Powerful, Low Foam, Non Caustic, Alkaline Cleaner


Sychem Degreaser HD is a versatile low-foam alkaline cleaner/degreaser, suitable for use in the engineering, food processing, baking and confectionary industries.

Available in 5L



Sychem Degreaser HD is safe to use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and on aluminium. Removes fats, oils and greases, carbon deposits and general grime. Ideal for use in both spray washers and dip tanks.

Key benefits: 

•Aluminium safe
• Reduces DI/RO water usage
• NTA & EDTA free
• Excellent material compatibility
• Non-fixative
• Non-corrosive
• Cost effective
• No neutraliser required
• High cleaning power at low dosage levels
• Reduced wash time – typical 5 minutes

Degreaser HD is CE marked as a Class I medical Device.


Degreaser flyer square

Degreaser HD Flyer

Degreaser HD Flyer

Degreaser SDS square

Degreaser HD SDS

Degreaser HD SDS


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