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By Nicole - 16th November, 2023 | Posted in Biomedical
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Animal Containment Workstations

Discover our range of Animal Containment Workstations designed with ergonomic excellence to assist biomedical research facilities by maximising animal welfare to create stronger protection and advance biomedical research.

Proudly serving the life sciences sector for over 40 years, the AirFlow Range utilises Sychem’s Active AirFlow Technology which helps to protect both technicians and the animals in their care.

Featuring SychemFILL, SychemCHANGE, SychemWaste and recent additions SychemSAFETY and SychemAIR, the Airflow Range is designed to take your facility above and beyond its current capabilities.


Being one of the most accurate and efficient bedding dispensers on the market, offering unparalleled dispensing accuracy with a tolerance of ± 4%, SychemFILL was the first Animal Containment Workstation to bring the Airflow Range to life.

Reaching life science research facilities all across the world, SychemFILL is known for its excellent range of features which help to safeguard users from the harmful effects of fine particles which can occur when filling cages.

The system is designed with Active Airflow Technology and provides class-leading accuracy with an intuitive user interface. Supported by easy, ergonomic loading and energy-efficient settings, SychemFILL provides a fully portable ‘plug and play’ experience.

Available also as an “XL” option, SychemFILL XL offers an automatic bedding filling station for large Biomedical facilities to assist technicians and further research.

Features of SychemFILL XL include a bulk bag discharge system complete with a flexible screw conveyor, reduced horsepower and energy consumption and gentle conveying action resulting in minimal product disturbance.



After the successful launch of SychemFILL, we were very excited to expand the Airflow Range to introduce SychemCHANGE, a dual-access change station that provides ISO Class 3 airflow.

Designed to protect animals from the external cage environment and users from allergens, dander and potential pathogens, SychemCHANGE can help to transform the cage-change process of any facility.

Features of this workstation include Active Airflow Technology, a TRESPA ® worksurface, red light mode to prevent sleep disruption, light trace technology and an intuitive user touchscreen.

Also available as an “XL” option, SychemCHANGE XL can accommodate larger cages whilst providing more space for technicians to carry out their research.



Increasing user protection and preventing exposure to allergens, odours and debris, SychemWASTE was the next Animal Containment Workstation to be introduced to the Airflow Range.

Ensuring the safe disposal of laboratory animal bedding, SychemWASTE helps to protect technicians against laboratory animal allergens also known as LAAs. The system features Active Airflow Technology, three-stage filtration, and unrivalled cleanability with removable doors and sides.

Supported by an intuitive HMI which displays live filter information, SychemWASTE provides universal cage compatibility and easy on-site setup whilst protecting users from LAA exposure.

Available also in an “XL” option, SychemWASTE XL is compatible with all types of bedding, food and enrichments and features a conveyer and macerator to provide a fast and safe method of disposal.



Providing a range of dual filter Class 2 microbiological safety cabinets, SychemSAFETY is one of Sychem’s more recent expansions to the Airflow Range.

Designed for all biological, microbiological, and tissue culture materials, whether for research or for routine applications, SychemSAFETY is the ideal solution for your laboratory or research facility whenever operator, environmental and product protection is required.

SychemSAFETY’s unique design ensures true and turbulent-free laminar flow resulting in lower noise levels and a vibration-free work area.

Features of SychemSAFETY include Active Airflow Technology, 110 mm HEPA filters with efficiency at 99.999% against 0.3 μm particles, flow sensors and wide section worktops.

Available in four different working width sizes, all models are easily maintained and can be customised to suit your facility’s individual needs or requirements making SychemSAFETY the ideal choice for your laboratory or research facility.


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