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Specialist ATP Hygiene Monitoring Solutions

In partnership with Hygiena, we supply a complete range of industry-leading ATP hygiene monitoring and rapid microbial detection systems.

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Our ATP Hygiene Monitoring Solutions

Experts in infection control, we provide the best-in-class systems and swabs to help you easily validate the effectiveness of your cleaning processes.

Hygiene Monitoring Systems: Our Hygiene monitoring systems collect, analyse and report data in as little as 10 to 15 seconds, depending on the luminometer. Compatible with all test devices for ATP, enzyme, allergen, protein and sugar detection to simplify your workflows.

Hygiene Monitoring Swabs: We provide a complete portfolio of ATP swabs including the UltraSnap™, our all-in-one ATP sampling test and the SuperSnap™, our high-sensitivity ATP surface test. Both 100% recyclable, our swabs help to minimise waste and reassure that testing is safe for the environment.

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Our Most Popular ATP Hygiene Monitoring Solutions

Unrivalled in design, get results in seconds with our complete range of ATP monitoring systems and swabs from Hygiena.

Solutions Complete With Advantages

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Results In Seconds

Our ATP monitoring tests reveal if a surface has been cleaned properly in as little as 10 to 15 seconds, depending on the model of luminometer.

ATP graph ICON

Quantitive Measurements

After swabbing, our hygiene monitoring systems measure ATP levels to provide a numerical value to indicate the level of cleanliness of your surface.

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Quality Assurance

Manufactured under strict quality assurance systems, our range complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and test devices are AOAC-validated.

Hygiena Partnership

Sychem and Hygiena have partnered since 2004 to provide a complete range of ATP hygiene monitoring systems and tests.

Our portfolio includes ATP testing devices and swabs which can be applied across several industries to verify your cleaning processes.

Applications include food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, water quality, veterinary and pet care, personal care, cosmetics, and environmental.

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Hygiena ATP monitoring systems
Hygiena Ensure Touch and Ultra Snap being used on a glass surface

Easy-to-Use Data Analysis

SureTrend Cloud is a free, easy-to-use data analysis software that unleashes the power of the EnSURE™ Touch and SystemSURE Plus.

Compatible with our luminometers, SureTrend™ Cloud wirelessly connects systems across multiple facilities to sync test results and empower users to configure one or hundreds of systems.

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EnSURE™ Touch Charging Dock

Simplify the charging of your EnSURE Touch without the hassle of wires and cables with our Hygiena EnSURE Touch Charging Dock which features a compact design and utilises only minimal counter space.

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Hygiena Ensure Touch


ATP Monitoring Cover

Sychem ATP Monitoring Flyer 2023

Infection Control Range A4 Cover

Sychem Infection Control FULL brochure 2023

EnSURE Touch Healthcare Brochure Hygiena

EnSURE Touch Healthcare Brochure Hygiena

EnSURE Touch Food and Beverage Brochure Hygiena

EnSURE Touch Food and Beverage Brochure Hygiena

EnSURETouch Sell Sheet English Hygiena

EnSURETouch Flyer Hygiena

SuperSnap Sell Sheet English Hygiena

SuperSnap Sell Sheet Hygiena

UltraSnap Sell Sheet English Hygiena

UltraSnap Flyer Hygiena

SystemSURE Plus Food and Beverage Brochure Hygiena

SystemSURE Plus Food and Beverage Brochure-Hygiena


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"I'm extremely happy with the works carried out by you and your colleagues at Sychem, and we’re grateful for all your efforts thus far."

- Healthcare Client
2nd June, 2021

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