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Small Washer for Life Sciences

We offer a wide range of compact solutions for reprocessing of bottles, animal and fish cages.

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Small washers for Life Sciences

We can provide outstanding solutions to all facilities

In an exclusive UK partnership with Steelco, we provide a large range of small washer-disinfectors for life science and research application.  The AC range has been designed to offer compact solutions for the reprocessing of bottles, animal cages and fish tanks. Our small washers are the perfect solution for your small-medium facility needs or the ideal backup unit for your large vivarium. Three levels of oscillating spray arms assure extremely low cycle time and utility consumptions with unmatchable washing results.

Key Features

Small Washers – AC Range


Oscillating spray

Rotating spray arms positioned on the top, middle and bottom levels of the washing chamber.

Stainless Steel

Chamber and doors entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316L, external body made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Chemical Dosing Pump

Equipped with 1 chemical dosing pump as standard, controlled by a microprocessor setting the optimal dosing level for each type of cycle.

AC 1500 1 front closed


The AC range is available as a pass-through with interlocked double door or as a single door.

Multi stage filtration

The AC range offers independent rinsing and washing circuits, multistage filtration and a self-cleaning filter for the recirculation of the washing water.

Aquatic Tank Options

Optional feature of a special configuration and process to ensure the elimination of any residual biofilm and algae left in aquatic tanks.

Small Washers

Our compact solutions for Life Sciences Applications

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