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Trolley Washers

We provide a comprehensive range of Steelco versatile and multipurpose instrument and cart washers for transfer trolleys, sterile containers and bulky items.

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Trolley Washers Healthcare

We provide outstanding solutions to all facilities, including a selection of Trolley washers

In partnership with Steelco, we offer a range of washer-disinfectors to transport trolleys, sterile containers and bulky items.

We have the solution for your facility, from compact multipurpose trolley washer-disinfectors to large capacity hospital bed frames at operating tables washers. Our range of trolley washers offers a capacity from 15 to 56 STU, depending on the model. All Steelco trolley washers have been designed to optimise washing cycles and increase efficiency.

2020 Sychem was awarded the NHS framework for Pathology and Point of Care Testing, Associated Equipment, Instruments, Consumables, Accessories, and Managed Services. Therefore, we are providing pathology laboratories with a range of decontamination equipment.

Key Features

LC 80  – Large capacity trolley washer-disinfector

Fast Process

Optimised size of the pre-heating tanks and general size offers reduced water consumption as well as reduced heating times leading to fast processes.


Dedicated to the treatment of transport, storage and waste trolleys. The LC 80 can also process instrument containers and lids, operation shoes, plastic crates or other bulky items with dedicated presentation racks.

BOT Series

LC 80 BOT series features all the benefits of the standard LC 80 range but the models are suitable for the processing of bed frames and operating tables.

LC 80 34 open Trolley Washer

Water filtering

Steelco trolley washers offer a triple filtration system to capture residues from the soiled goods and avoid their recirculation and increasing pump life.

Optimised washing

Vertical oscillating washing ramps on the sides of the washing chamber, washing ramps on the top of the washing chamber and washing spray nozzles under the loading floor.

Lifting platform option

LC 80 is as a standard installed in a 150 mm deep pit, but the machine can be installed on the floor and the trolley loading/unloading operations can be assisted by ramps or by automatic lifting platforms.

Trolley Washers

Our range of Trolley Washer for Healthcare applications.


Steelco Washer Disinfectors Bulk Brochure Steelco

Steelco Washer Disinfectors Bulk Brochure Steelco


Maintain your equipment!

Sychem are Steelco’s number one leading provider of decontamination equipment to Private Healthcare facilities within the UK. Together, we supply some of the most prestigious hospitals and medical facilities with equipment, servicing and consumables to support CSSD departments nationwide.

Sychem has a team of 25+ Service and Test engineers based across the UK. Here at Sychem, we will not only install your equipment, we will ensure that it continues operating at its maximum efficacy by offering a range of Servicing options, including Validation & Testing, Breakdown & Emergency Support, Refurbishing, Spare parts and SychemEYE,  all available in our fully customisable Planned Preventative Maintenence (PPM)  packages, tailored to suit the needs of your facility.

Steelco S.p.A and Sychem have worked in partnership since 2008 to offer an extensive range of equipment, find out more about our partner Steelco and our complete equipment portfolio.

Discover our full range of washers or visit the Steelco website for more information on Trolley washers.

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