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Ultrasonic Washers for Healthcare & Pathology

We provide a comprehensive range of Steelco Ultrasonic system for treatment of cannulated instruments, delicate microsurgery instruments and heavy duty sets.

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Ultrasonic Washers & Systems

We provide outstanding solutions to all facilities, including our range of Ultrasonic Washers.

Sychem, winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2022, offers an extensive portfolio of decontamination equipment, consumables, servicing options and more!

In partnership with Steelco, we offer a range of Ultrasonic washers and systems for the pre-treatment and washing of cannulated instruments, delicate microsurgery instruments, and heavy-duty sets.

Our US 80 and 300 models have been designed to clean from 12 to 40 dedicated complex cannulated instruments. US 100 and US 200 have a 3x Din basket capacity per cycle. Those models are ideal for CSSD departments that require a large capacity ultrasonic cleaning unit to treat medical devices and rigid endoscopes. The highest capacity ultrasonic cleaner we offer is the US 1000, with an 18 x Din basket capacity per cycle. This high capacity ultrasonic washer has been designed to reduce cycle times by being integrated between a prewashing unit and automatically loaded washers.

2020 Sychem was awarded the NHS framework for Pathology and Point of Care Testing, Associated Equipment, Instruments, Consumables, Accessories, and Managed Services. Therefore, we are providing pathology laboratories with a range of decontamination equipment.

Key Features

US 80  – Ultrasonic system for cannulated instruments


Steelco Active Flushing Technology

Combines pulsed and ultrasonic action sequentially to clean even the most complicated shapes and connections.

SteelcoTronic control system

Safe and validated processes are assured by constantly monitoring critical parameters such as temperature, detergent, water level, and functionality. Cycle information can be stored or printed.

LCD Display

20 pre-set programs and 20 user-defined programs available through the use of a soft-touch glass control panel.

US 80 front closed ultrasonic washer


Excellent cleaning results are obtained for up to 12 hollow instruments by the combined effects of Ultrasonic cleaning and Steelco’s Active Flush technology.

Easy workflow

Loading and connection of instruments can be carried on a separate workbench because of an easily removable injection-washing basket.

Small footprint

Designed for the pre-treatment of complex microsurgical instruments, the US 80 is a practical benchtop model.

Ultrasonic Systems

 Ultrasonic system for the washing of cannulated instruments, delicate microsurgery instruments and heavy-duty sets.


Ultrasonic Steelco Brochure

Ultrasonic Steelco Brochure

CSSD Department brochure Steelco

CSSD Range Steelco Brochure


Maintain your equipment!

Sychem are Steelco’s number one leading provider of decontamination equipment to Private Healthcare facilities within the UK. Together, we supply some of the most prestigious hospitals and medical facilities with equipment, servicing and consumables to support CSSD departments nationwide.

Sychem has a team of 25+ Service and Test engineers based across the UK. Here at Sychem, we will not only install your equipment, we will ensure that it continues operating at its maximum efficacy by offering a range of Servicing options, including Validation & Testing, Breakdown & Emergency Support, Refurbishing, Spare parts and SychemEYE,  all available in our fully customisable Planned Preventative Maintenence (PPM)  packages, tailored to suit the needs of your facility.

Steelco S.p.A and Sychem have worked in partnership since 2008 to offer an extensive range of equipment, find out more about our partner Steelco and our complete equipment portfolio.

Discover our full range of washers or visit the Steelco website for more information on ultrasonic washers.

validation and testing equipment Steelco

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