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Small Capacity Autoclaves for Healthcare

We provide a comprehensive range of small capacity Steelco healthcare autoclaves for hospital central sterile services departments (CSSD) and decontamination services units.

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What Types of Small Capacity Autoclaves for Healthcare do we Provide?

We provide an extensive range of solutions including our portfolio of small capacity healthcare autoclaves.

Together with Steelco, we offer a comprehensive range of small capacity autoclaves designed to meet the needs of any healthcare facility.

Our small range is designed for the processing of 1 or 2 STU per cycle with each model being characterised by design, strength and safety to offer the perfect solution for small facilities.

The process speed and low media consumption of these autoclaves also make them ideal machines for “fast track” sterile processes in large central sterilisation supply departments.

We also offer compact benchtop autoclaves, the VS 1 TT, which features a single, manual door horizontal sliding left with a capacity of 1 STU.

In 2020 Sychem was awarded the NHS framework for Pathology and Point of Care Testing, Associated Equipment, Instruments, Consumables, Accessories, and Managed Services. This enables us to provide pathology laboratories with a range of decontamination equipment including pathology autoclaves.


Key Features

VS 1 & VS 2

Eco-Friendly Efficiency

Steelco small medical autoclaves are designed to offer best-in-class solutions for the reduction of energy and water consumption giving users the lowest operating costs per load.

Customisable Programmes

Steelco machines are available with 20 programmes, 12 of which are pre-defined and 8 of which can be customised according to the requirements of the customer.


Steelco provides maximum load flexibility by repositioning the load levels of the semi-extractable shelves and offers a choice of sides for the technical area.

VS 2 healthcare autoclave

Optimised Process Speed

Steelco focuses on providing customers with the fastest possible sterilisation processes, working in compliance with regulations and always in relation to the load and Sterile Barrier System.

Ergonomic design

Steelco sterilisers feature an ergonomic working and loading position that is available with a choice of either a single or double automatic sliding door.

Easy Installation

Our small capacity sterilisers are compact and designed to overcome architectural limitations such as door passages or lifts with wheels provided for easy manoeuvre.

Our Most Popular Small Capacity Autoclaves

Discover our range of small-capacity autoclaves from Steelco for healthcare applications.

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Healthcare Small Capacity Autoclave Brochure VS Range CSSD 2

Steelco Small Capacity Steam Sterilisers 2023


Maintain Your Equipment

Our adaptable equipment service plans ensure your equipment continues to operate at its highest possible potential with minimal downtime.

Our team of over 35 highly skilled service and test personnel stationed throughout the UK are dedicated to the maintenance of your equipment. Whether you require weekly, quarterly, biannual, or annual testing services, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

Our customisable service packages include equipment maintenance and planned preventative maintenance (PPM), validation and testing and emergency breakdown support.

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healthcare steam steriliser servicing

What do our customers think of us?

5 stars

"The attention to detail from your team has certainly made this whole process less stressful. I want to thank all the team at Sychem, and I look forward to having our new equipment successfully installed. "

- Sychem Client

"Sychem always demonstrates professionalism and integrity when visiting client sites. With the ability to service other OEM equipment, this demonstrates a real value add to our clients and in a market where this is often hard to achieve."

- Sychem Client

"Sychem has been fantastic and always open to engagement and discussion. Personally, I have found Mitch to be one of the best contacts I have worked with at any supplier in my 10+ years working in procurement."

- Sychem Client
2nd December, 2021

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