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Sychem is a UK leading provider of disinfection, sterilisation and decontamination solutions. With over 40 years of experience, our portfolio encompasses an extensive range of cleanroom decontamination solutions including our UK manufactured air shower, SychemAIR.

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Discover SychemAIR, your Solution for a contaminant-free environment.

SychemAIR is a self-contained unit that utilises high-efficiency airflow to effectively remove all types of contaminants from every individual before passing into a particle-free environment.

Our HEPA filtered air showers feature several benefits including:

  • Customisable layout: Tailor the configuration to meet the diverse requirements of your industry.
  • Compact design: Maximise space efficiency without compromising on performance.
  • Easy maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free upkeep with user-friendly maintenance features.
  • Flatpack delivery option: Streamline logistics and installation with our flatpack delivery option.
Sychem Air Open Door
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Air Shower Applications

Air showers help remove contaminants, such as dust, lint, and other particles, from the surface of people’s clothing and bodies before they enter a cleanroom or controlled environment.

They are vital in maintaining a contaminant-free workspace and cleanroom air quality.

The benefits of an air shower can be utilised in several industries which can include:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology laboratories
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Food processing industry
  • Scientific research
  • Medical facilities

Key Features of SychemAIR

What are the benefits of our air shower?


Active Airflow Technology

Our nozzles are designed to efficiently blow air from various angles into the centre of the chamber. With an air velocity of 25m/s (82 ft/s), SychemAIR competes with current market leaders.

Particle Removal Excellence

SychemAIR is equipped with 48 air nozzles to create enveloping airflow. Nozzles are located in opposing corners and are angled towards the direction of the occupant to enable optimal particle removal.

Three Levels of Filtration

The unit uses a three-level filtration system: a dust filter, a prefilter, and a HEPA H14 filter. The air, at its final stage, passes through the HEPA filter, removing particles up to 0.3μm, including allergens and lint.

sychem air render

Easy Maintenance

The air shower is cleverly designed to be easily maintained and can be done so from within the air shower. The floor is easily removable to enable the user to vacuum away any dirt and dust from within.

Increased Safety

The design features 3 safety stop push buttons to allow the machine to be stopped at any point of use. Each door has 2 magnetic locks to prevent premature door opening, securing the airflow while the cycle is running.

User-Friendly Design

This unit is user-friendly, and easy to operate. The whole particle removal process is completed in less than a minute, starting from pressing the door release button, through to stepping out into the clean side.

Customisable Solutions

At Sychem we understand that everyone’s requirements are unique which is why we offer customisable solutions to meet your diverse needs.

Adjustable air shower cycles: Set as a standard of 30 seconds, however, these can also be adapted to meet your needs.

Cleanroom configuration: SychemAIR is available as a straight-through passage, angle passage, and T passage (with 3 doors). The chamber size can also be elongated as a straight-through air shower corridor whilst the overall height can be adjusted for your facility’s requirements.

Easy installation: Our air shower can be ordered as pre-built, or in a flatpack configuration, for easy installation in limited-access situations. Our flat-pack solution offers flexible installation options to best suit your needs.

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SychemAIR nozzles
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Full Project Support

At Sychem, our dedicated Projects Department is committed to providing you with unwavering support throughout every step of your decontamination equipment installation journey. Our services encompass the entire process of designing, commissioning and installing SychemAIR.

When working with our Projects Department, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a dedicated Project Manager who will work closely with your team alongside our Sales Executives. Together, they will gain a deep understanding of your unique requirements, crafting a technical proposal for your review and production.

Our team conducts thorough surveys of your space to meticulously design a tailor-made, space-efficient layout that seamlessly integrates with any existing equipment in your cleanroom or current setup, all aligned with your specific needs.

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