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By Nicole - 4th May, 2022 | Posted in All sector
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Maintenance of your Air Purifiers has just got easier!

Discover Airgle’s complete collection of Air Purification systems, learn more about the benefits of choosing Airgle and see just how easy it is to keep your system operating at its maximum efficacy.

Find out why Airgle’s products are the revolutionary solution to Air Purification!

Who are Airgle? 

Airgle and Sychem began working in partnership in 2022, to offer a variety of Air Purification devices for use in several different industries.

Airgle are a company established in the USA in 1999, to purify AIR with a Great Level of Efficiency.

Mastering the art of Air Purification by perfecting modern design with high performance, Airgle have created an exceptionally effective system. Airgle are industry pioneers, offering unsurpassed quality and design to keep you and your loved ones breathing better- for the ultimate peace of mind.

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What does Airgle offer? 

We offer a range of Air Purifiers, including the AG300, AG600 and the AG900. Each machine in Airgle’s portfolio utilises a cHEPA filter with a capture threshold of 0.003 microns and an ultraviolet titanium module, which can irradiate viruses and other pathogens using their photocatalytic oxidation technology.

The Airgle systems feature unique, 100% pressure sealed technology with no air bypass, and the devices are up to six times more powerful than typical Air Purifiers. They deliver up to 462 rated CFM, the most potent airflow rating known in residential Air Purifiers.

Airgle are the only manufacturer of systems using a cHEPA filter on the market, working with Sychem to eradicate unclean air!

What is Titanium ® Pro (T-Pro Module)?

The Titanium Pro ® module can break apart organics, chemicals, bacteria and viruses within the air. This patented photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology features a catalytic metal plate, electronics, germicidal UV lamp and ballast in one disposable mode, designed for simple insertion and removal.

The T-Pro Module safely breaks down harmful chemicals and odours to 0.1 microns in size, whilst effectively killing bacterial and viral pollutants.

How often will the filters need replacing? 

The answer to this question will depend on how long the systems are operational per day, and what kind of environment they are operating in. The unit has a health bar for the filter on display, and will notify users when they need replacing.

As standard, the filters will need replacing once per year (after 8000 hours of run time); however, this time will be reduced in dirtier or more congested environments. Ensure the maintenance of your system through filter replacements. 

At Sychem, we offer maintenance for every machine filter, so rest assured your air quality will never be compromised.

How often does the T-Pro Module need replacing?

Airgle recommends replacing the T-Pro Module once per year, along with the filter to ensure the maintenance of your device. However, the unit will tell you when it needs replacing, and typically, it has a longer lifespan than the filters. The T-Pro Module can last up to a year and a half of 24/7-run time.

How do I dispose of the filters and T-Pro Module?

Due to the role of the T-Pro Module, everything collected on the filter will be inert, and is safe to replace by the end-user.

There will be dust present, so it is better that they are bagged or boxed up immediately. Then, they can be hoovered before being removed to take off any excess dust, if the user wishes to.

The filter frame is aluminium and can be easily recycled. The T-Pro Module cab is disposed of in the same way as UV bulbs- by dropping them off at electrical wholesalers or certain recycling and waste plants.

Discover the systems on our Air Purification Devices page, or learn more about our partner: Airgle.

To find out more about their full collection of Air Purifiers, visit the Airgle webpage for more information.


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