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By Nicole - 29th April, 2022 | Posted in All sector
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Air Purifiers are the future of cleaning!

Sychem and Airgle work in partnership to offer an extensive portfolio of Air Purifiers, to ensure that environments are safe from any possible contaminates.

Airgle’s products are a revolutionary solution to Air Purification.

Why choose Airgle?

Airgle manufactures the only Air Purifiers on the market that possess a cHEPA filter, with a capture threshold of 0.003 microns and an ultraviolet titanium module. This means the system can irradiate viruses and any other pathogens using its photocatalytic oxidation technology.

What makes cHEPA better than other filters?

Airgle’s products use a cHEPA filter, a specialist piece of technology that ensures Airgle’s Air Purification devices outshine their competition.

While there are many different filters, cHEPA filters can remove 99.999% of particles > 3nm- something that other filters cannot do.

The other types of filters and the particles that they remove include:

Fibreglass & Aluminium Mesh- Able to remove pollen, dust mites, spray paint & carpet fibres.

Disposable Filters- Can remove mould spores, cooking dusts, hair spray & furniture polish.

Better Home Box Filters- Able to remove lead dust, flour, auto fumes & welding fumes.

Superior Commercial Filters- Can remove bacteria, smoke & sneezes.

HEPA & ULPA- Removes viruses and carbon dust.

Airgle’s cHEPA filter powerfully and rapidly removes pollutants, such as dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, bacteria, viruses and more! 

Airgle AG300 Sychem office desk Air Products 1000x 1000 05 (1) Air purifiers    

Airgle system’s benefits

Airgle’s systems come in a range of sizes, and feature many benefits compared to other Air Purification devices. Some of these benefits include:

System Efficiency- The Airgle systems feature unique, 100% pressure sealed technology with no air bypass. The highest reading that an air purifier can ever achieve on a particle counter test is zero- and Airgle has done it!

Particle Filtration- Airgle’s cHEPA filtration provides the superior removal of airborne particles. Certified to filter ultra-fine particles down to 0.003 microns, and with an efficiency rating of over 99.999%, Airgle systems deliver exceptional performance.

Powerful Airflow- The Airgle systems are up to six times more powerful than typical Air Purifiers. They deliver up to 462 rated CFM, the most potent airflow rating known in residential Air Purifiers.

Molecular Control- In addition to removing particulate pollutants, the Airgle Air Purifiers effectively remove molecular air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), gaseous chemicals and unpleasant odours.

Biological Control- The Titanium Pro module removes chemical gases and destroys harmful organisms like bacteria and viruses. Airgle uses breakthrough titanium catalyst technology, paired with a germicidal lamp. This kills germs down to 0.001 microns in size.

Easy to use- Simply plug it in and choose a speed setting. The Advanced Control System has a large LCD screen to make operation hassle-free. The LCD also alerts users when the air pollution level changes, or when the filters need attention. Filter replacement is as easy as can be!

Energy Saving- Airgle’s systems have earned the Energy Star rating for low power consumption, and the standby power for all Airgle systems uses a mere 0.5 watts. To save even more power when the user goes to bed at night, press and hold the Auto button to turn off the screen.

Metal Housing- All Airgle systems feature aluminium housing. Stronger than plastic and lighter than steel, Airgle’s housing offers the ultimate durability. Visually elegant and sophisticated, our design is versatile and adapts to any room in your house.

What is Titanium ® Pro?

The Titanium Pro ® module can break apart organics, chemicals, bacteria and viruses within the air. This patented photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology features a catalytic metal plate, electronics, germicidal UV lamp and ballast in one disposable mode, designed for simple insertion and removal.

The Titanium Pro ® safely breaks down harmful chemicals and odours to 0.1 microns in size, whilst effectively killing bacterial and viral pollutants. 

What products do we offer?

Sychem offers three Air Purification machines from Airgle’s complete portfolio in various sizes, for use in a range of environments. 

We offer the AG300, AG600 and the AG900. 


The Airgle Compact Air Purifier ‑AG300 was built to create five air exchanges an hour in rooms of up to 15 square metres.

It is equipped with a cHEPA filter.

The system features activated carbon and Titanium Pro technologies that remove airborne pollutants, such as dust particles, odours, second-hand smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens and VOCs.


AG600 uses Titanium Pro UV module, the next generation of photocatalytic oxidation technology.

They are specially designed to clean small to medium size rooms.

Perfect for those with respiratory problems such as severe allergy and asthma, the AG600 will provide refreshing relief.


The Airgle Clean Room (AG900) air purifier is specifically engineered for airborne infection control at hospitals, medical clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Features a 40 square foot cHEPA filter, with an efficiency of up to 99.999%.

Features 6 lbs of premium deep carbon blend, and our next-generation Titanium Pro module.

Find out more about our partnership with Airgle, or visit the Airgle webpage to discover their complete portfolio of Air Purification devices.  


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