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By Nicole - 27th March, 2024 | Posted in Biomedical, Healthcare, Laboratory
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Specialist Engineer Training

Educating engineers and operators on the safe, accurate and reliable operation of decontamination equipment and systems, our Engineer Training Academy is the ideal space to come and learn from our team of specialists.

Delivered either on-site or at our training centre in Hampshire, our training programs are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your needs to ensure trainees receive the thorough instruction and support required to operate equipment safely.

The Importance of Training Engineers

Engineer training has a significant role in the effective operation and maintenance of decontamination equipment and systems.

As technological advancements continue to develop, proper education ensures that engineers are trained in the technical expertise required to safely operate equipment and troubleshoot basic issues that they might be experiencing.

Our Engineer Training Centre

Based at our Hampshire HQ, our specialist training centre offers both engineers and operators a safe space to come and further their knowledge of the safe, accurate and reliable operation of autoclaves and washers.

All washer and autoclave training is delivered by our industry-leading experts who specialise in the field of sterilisation and disinfection and are available for groups of up to 4 engineers at a time.

Training covers the use of all loading accessories including trolleys and racks.

Upon completion of training, all attendees will receive competence certificates which will be provided electronically.

Engineer Training Collage

Customisable Training Packages

All training sessions are booked directly with our Specialist Resource Coordination Team with all attendees’ names being required at the time of making your initial booking.

Our washer and autoclave training courses are customised to meet your specific requirements. All of our training sessions are facilitated by our team of experts who specialise in the field of sterilisation and disinfection equipment for healthcare, laboratory and life science applications.

Whether you require technical training for Steelco glassware washers, healthcare washers, lab washer maintenance training or any other kind of washer or autoclave training, we can design the perfect training package for you.

Training Package Examples:

  • Introduction to the system and any applicable Steelco data package
  • Basic functionality and principle of operation of washers
  • Understanding basic error messages, alarms and reset procedure
  • Demonstration of the safe loading and unloading of wash chemicals
  • Supervision of use following training to demonstrate competence
  • Demonstration of typical weekly testing procedures

Sychem Servicing

Available independently or as part of our larger servicing packages, our engineer and operator training courses are tailor-made to suit your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us help design the perfect, customisable servicing solution for you.


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