How do I buy an autoclave?

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With our comprehensive range of autoclaves, choosing Sychem is the smart choice.

So, how do I buy an Autoclave?

Quite simply, when you’re considering buying an autoclave or any other decontamination equipment- the easiest way is to speak to our team based at our head office in Southampton. You can call us directly, contact the team via email or, alternatively talk to us on our Live Chat!

We have an extensive range of autoclaves featuring easy to use controls, low running costs, innovative independent monitoring systems for unrivaled process control and data archiving for CQC, SGS, BSEN Compliance.

There are several points to consider before making the important decision on who to choose when looking for a capital equipment and solutions provider. At Sychem, our years of experience across various industries gives us that edge when it comes to helping you choose the right autoclave(s).

We offer FREE, no-obligation, fixed price quotes with a complimentary site survey. Not only this but we understand in instanced budgets can be compromised, and we offer multiple money-saving options as a result. With various add-on features and alternatives available, we can always tailor to suit your resources.

More specifically, there are several aspects of the actual autoclave you need to consider before purchasing. Depending on whether you’re looking to buy an autoclave for healthcare applications, a biomedical facility, or even laboratory- certain factors need the same consideration.

You need to consider your facilities needs- aka do you want to replace an existing piece of equipment, or are you purchasing equipment for a new facility. This can be a major factor in deciding on what equipment you decide on, from an accessibility point of view. Do you need one or two doors? Do you need a single door or pass through to a sterile store? These are fundamentals that need careful thought when making your decision.

Moreover, not only do we provide the capital equipment for use in healthcare, life sciences, and laboratories. We offer a complete range of services too. Whether it’s PPM, break down and emergency support, or validation and testing. Here at Sychem, we can provide a complete solution to meet your demands.

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