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By Nicole - 9th March, 2021 | Posted in Healthcare, Biomedical, Laboratory
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How Do I Buy An Autoclave?

When dealing with complex, in-demand Autoclaves, you may think the process of buying one would be stressful. Working with Sychem, the process could not be easier!

At Sychem we offer a diverse range of Capital equipment, including Autoclaves and Washers, manufactured by our Italian partner Steelco. With our comprehensive choice of solutions on offer, choosing Sychem is the smart choice.

When considering buying an autoclave or any other decontamination equipment that we offer, the simplest way to do so is by speaking to our team! Our team are based in our head office in Southampton, and are ready to answer any questions you may have. To get in touch with a member of our team, you can call us directly on 0845 644 6824 contact the team via email at [email protected]

How do i buy an autoclave

Our range

We offer an extensive portfolio of Steelco autoclaves featuring easy to use controls, low running costs, innovative independent monitoring systems for unrivalled process control and data archiving for CQC, SGS, BSEN Compliance.


When choosing a capital equipment and solutions provider, there are several points to consider, and we at Sychem acknowledge that this is an important decision. Our years of experience and work across various industries provide us with the expertise necessary to assist in choosing the suitable Autoclave for your facility.

We offer FREE, no-obligation, fixed price quotes with a complimentary site survey. We also understand that budgets can be compromised within an instant and offer multiple money-saving options as a result of this. With various add-on features and alternatives available, we can always tailor to best suit your requirements and resources.

The Autoclave itself

There are several aspects regarding the Autoclave itself that must be considered before purchasing. The industry that you operate in, perhaps, would be a significant factor in the decision-making process. Depending on whether you’re looking to buy an autoclave for healthcare applications, a biomedical facility, or even a laboratory- certain factors need the same consideration.

You need to consider your facility’s needs – do you want to replace an existing piece of equipment, or are you purchasing equipment for a new facility? This can be a major factor in deciding on what equipment you decide on, from an accessibility point of view. For example, do you need one or two doors? Do you need a single door or pass through to a sterile store? These are fundamentals that require careful thought when making your decision.

Moreover, not only do we provide the capital equipment for use in healthcare, life sciences, and laboratories. We offer a complete range of services too. Whether it’s our monthly PPM service contracts, Breakdown and emergency support, or Validation and Testing. Here at Sychem, we can provide a complete solution to meet your demands.

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Visit the Steelco website to browse their full portfolio of Autoclaves.

If you have any further questions or queries, get in contact with the team today to find out more.


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