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By Nicole - 5th July, 2022 | Posted in Biomedical
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Thank you, FELASA!

Everyone at Sychem would like to say an enormous thank you to FELASA 2022 for being such gracious hosts and providing us with a wonderful week in Marseille!

As our first international exhibition in over three years, we are honoured to have attended FELASA this June.

Sharing the stand 

This year, Sychem took to the stand in a shared exhibition with our partner Steelco S.p.A. As Steelco’s UK exclusive partner in the Life Science sector since 2008, we worked together to showcase a variety of products, including our Airflow Range, washers, autoclaves and more.

FELASA was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the proud partnership between Sychem and Steelco, and to offer an exclusive insight into the various products in our joint product portfolio.


On the Sychem side of the stand, we showcased our Airflow Range, comprised of our SychemFILL, SychemCHANGE and SychemWASTE stations.

SychemFILL- Our bedding dispensing system, it provides the ideal solution to modernise cage changing.

SychemCHANGE- Dual access animal transfer station, protecting animals from the external cage environment.

SychemWASTE- The flexible bedding disposal station, designed to ensure the safe disposal of animal bedding.

Our partner Steelco bought with them the AC 1500 rack washer, with an optional aquatic tank feature, and a VS 202038 L steriliser.

Each machine proved incredibly popular, and we are very grateful to FELASA for the chance to showcase them on the stand.

Thank you!

We would like to thank FELASA once again for the opportunity to attend such a prestigious show with some of the biggest names in the Life Science industry.

We will see you soon!

To find out more about prestigious partner Steelco, please visit their website.


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