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Discover the all-new Sychem Safety Range of microbiological safety cabinets, designed for all biological, microbiological and tissue culture materials.

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Why Choose SychemSAFETY?

Discover SychemSAFETY, our range of dual filter Class 2 microbiological safety cabinets.

Incorporating the latest in laminator technology, energy-saving designs and HEPA-filtration, SychemSAFETY is our biosafety cabinet.

Being the ideal choice for your laboratory or research facility whenever operator, environmental and product protection is required, SychemSAFETY is designed for all biological, microbiological, and tissue culture materials, whether for research or routine applications.

Featuring filtered laminar airflow, SychemSAFETY creates a downflow of HEPA-filtered air onto the work surface. From this 70% of airflow is recirculated through the main HEPA filter to provide downflow protection and 30% exits out through the HEPA filter to the exhaust.

Our Class 2 Microbiological cabinets displayed at AALAS 2022.

What are the key features of SychemSAFETY?


Active Airflow Technology

Filtered laminar airflow creates a downflow of HEPA-filtered air onto the work surface. 70% of airflow is recirculated through the main HEPA filter, providing downflow protection. 30% exits out through the HEPA filter to the exhaust.

Efficient HEPA Filters

110 mm HEPA filters with efficiency at 99.999% against 0.3 μm particles, ensuring a clean sterile work chamber environment. HEPA filters do not trap gases and toxic chemicals that may be used as an adjunct to microbiological studies.

Flow Sensors

The downflow & exhaust fan is constantly monitored via the differential pressure sensors to maintain safe operating conditions. Unique laminator technology gives turbulent-free air flow, protecting your samples against particle contamination.

sychem safety front

Wide Section Worktops

Sectional worktops can be provided in different sizes from 300 mm to 1800 mm, and in AISI 316 to enable SychemSAFETY to be configured to your exact practical requirements.
Sectional 300 mm worktops allow loads of up to 50 kg.

Low Noise Level

SychemSAFETY’s unique design, ensures true and turbulent-free laminar flow. This advancement results in lower noise levels, and a vibration-free work area. It operates at a 47 dB(A) noise level at factory settings and comes with Ecosave mode, which results in 37 dB(A).

Easy to Maintain

All service functions are performed from the front of the cabinet, including changing the HEPA filters, PCBs, and sensors, and monitoring of alarms and fan speed. SychemSAFETY features an angled pre-filter for easy inspection and filter exchange.

Customisable Solutions

Our microbiological safety cabinet is highly customisable. SychemSAFETY is available in four different working width sizes, depending on the requirements of your facility: Available in 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm or 1800 mm. All models are available with a wide range of high-quality customised options to suit your individual needs or requirements.

Our options include:

  • Option of 2 or 3 filters
  • 3 decontamination options
  • 3 interior styles, featuring various tabletops
  • Choice of 1 or 2 outlets for various countries
  • Drip pan option
  • Choice of side windows or steel sides
  • Optional addition of valves in the side or back wall
  • A UV light for decontamination can be fitted in the chamber

Numerous  additional options and extras are available, ranging from different valve types, sinks, the interior in AISI 316 instead of AISI 304, heat plate zone system, PIR sensor, Bunsen burner, LED light, mounting of microscope etc.

sychem safety cabinet


SychemSAFETY Brochure 2024

SychemSAFETY Brochure 2024

SychemSAFETY Flyer Image

SychemSAFETY Flyer 2024

Airflow Range Dimensions Cover image

Airflow Range Dimensions 2024

Airflow Range Brochure 2024

Airflow Range Brochure 2024


What do our customers think of us?

5 stars

"Sychem seems to pride themselves on their client & customer relationships and are always amenable to adapting servicing, pricing, ways of working etc. Quotations and service reports are always clear and concise."

- Sychem Client

"The attention to detail from your team has certainly made this whole process less stressful. I want to thank all the team at Sychem, and I look forward to having our new equipment successfully installed. "

- Sychem Client

"Sychem delivered several personalised training sessions, which were of an exceptional standard, further supported by excellent documentation."

- Sychem Client
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