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Bedpan Washers

With over 40 years of experience, Sychem provides a complete portfolio of specialist healthcare equipment including a full range of bedpan washers.

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Our Bedpan Washers

Specialists in disinfection, sterilisation and decontamination solutions for healthcare, we provide a complete portfolio of bedpan washers designed to support the needs of any private medical facility.

Small-medium capacity: Available with several configurations, our small-medium capacity bedpan washers provide a choice of compact, free-standing, under-bench and wall installation designs.

High-capacity: Our highest-capacity model offers the simultaneous treatment of 2 bedpans with lids with up to 4 urine bottles and 1 close stool pot or 2 buckets with up to 4 urine bottles.

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Bedpan washers

Steelco Partnership

Sychem and Steelco have been working together in a long-standing partnership since 2008. Steelco was founded in Italy in 2001 and has been a part of the Miele Group since 2017.

Together, we offer a complete range of bedpan washers carefully tailored to the most diverse requirements of healthcare facilities.

Contact us today to discover our full range and discover how we can help support your facility.

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steelco bedpan washer disinfectors

Key Features

Learn why our BP 100 HE Series is the perfect solution for your facility.


Processing Capacity

Simultaneous treatment of one urine bottle and one bedpan with lid or up to three urine bottles.

Hands-Free Opening

Infra-red sensor for door-opening to allow hands-free loading without any physical contact.

Washing Efficiency

Fixed and rotating nozzles to provide optimum water distribution on the inside and outside the treated items.

BP 100 HE

Drying and Cooling Efficacy

High-efficiency Hepa 14 filtered drying/cooling fan system providing even and fast-drying.

Self-Disinfecting Device

Steam is conveyed through the washing nozzles to ensure the complete disinfection of the washing circuit during each process.

User-Friendly HMI

Allows the optimisation of the entire process through the execution of customised programs.

Specialist Bedpan Washers

Discover our complete range of small, medium and high-capacity Steelco bedpan washers.

Bedpan Washer Accessories

Washers are equipped with a universal holder to simultaneously treat urine bottles, bedpans, suction bottles, and buckets with different racks and holders available to meet specific needs.

Our removable rack on slides allows the washer to be used for washing and disinfecting small objects.

In addition, a removable shelf can be positioned on the bottom of the washing chamber to allow easy washing and disinfection of large buckets and basins.

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bedpan washer accessories
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Full Project Support

With the help of our specialist Projects Department, we are dedicated to supporting our clients throughout their entire equipment journey with us.

We provide services for the design, installation and commissioning of capital equipment from our portfolio.

Contact us today to learn how we can help design the perfect, bespoke layout for your flusher disinfector.

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Bedpan Washers Brochure 2024


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5 stars

"The attention to detail from your team has certainly made this whole process less stressful. I want to thank all the team at Sychem, and I look forward to having our new equipment successfully installed. "

- Sychem Client

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